Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

A Salvage Operation

Hone POV

Main Points:
-Took on misson to Emperor of Waves
-Found stranger in shipwreck
-Met Wolgar Windrune
-Searched ship
-Defeated Krell Grohlg and returned items

Garrick Hintram
Vardrag Duumfel
Ariane Xiphus

Hone’s Log
Internal Memory Storage
(Game Session 6: Saturday, 03 September 2016)
Time Stamp (1400/0998-Dravago-17-Zol)
{24 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp
(/tavern_designate@Salty Donk Tavern) (tower_designate@Seventh Tower) (district_designate@Downstairs) (ward_designate@Lower Menthis)

All units present for previous contract( Guard House Dromdol) are also present for pre-arranged meeting with unit(Skakan). He is waiting for us with two others, one (race_designate@ human)(age_designate@old) he introduces as (name_designate@Aubreck) and the other is identified as unit(Aubreck)’s (race_designate@half-orc)(position_designate@butler).

Unit (Aubreck) explains that he was ruined thirteen years ago by sending an expedition of ships to (country_designate@ Shadow Marches) in the hopes of acquiring (item_designate@dragonshards). The ships were lost, presumed sunken or captured, and he has fallen on hard times since then. However, recently, some miles out to sea, a single ship bearing the markings of his former ships has been found. Unit (Aubreck) wishes (team_designate@The Company) to sail out to said ship, search it for a metal box, and return the box to him [see details in (contract_designate@Acquire Box)]. For this task, unit (Aubreck) offers a ride about a sailing ship to the ghost ship and back and pays each unit of team(The Company) 100 gold pieces upfront and a promise of 100 gp when the box is returned, with the right of salvage for anything else of value upon the ship.

(cash_on_hand +100 gp; new total cash_on_hand =522.6gp)
{OOC- We’ve already gotten this money at the END of Adventure 5, so we’d already received the up-front 100…]

Team(The Company) agrees to the contract. Unit(Skakan) mentions having a guildhouse ready for our return from this contract.
This unit experiencing unknown feelings related to new contract.

Accessing internal dictionary….
This unit is experiencing (emotion_designate@reticence) at concept of sailing into deep water, with first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of race(warforged) swimming. In deep water, this unit is well aware that pressure is as likely to destroy a unit as inhaled water is to destroy most flesh-borne. This unit seeks potential resources and information to alleviate (emotion) reticence.
In (district_designate@XXX), this unit discovers and purchases an (item_designate@float bladder) to use in case it falls into deep water. Unit(Hone) also purchases other equipment (item_designate@sack; item_designate@pouch,belt) to supplement preparations for contract(Acquire Box).

(cash_expenditures -11.1 gp; new total cash_on_hand =511.5gp)

Time Stamp (0500/0998-Dravago-18-Wir)
{24 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp
This unit purchases a newspaper on the way to the meeting.

(cash_expenditures -2 sp; new total cash_on_hand =511.3gp)

Team(The Company) meets unit(Skakan) and unit(Aubreck) in (district_designate@Cliffside) to take the lifts down to the docks, where all units board (ship_designate@Soul of Winter). Ship(Soul of Winter) is under command of (Unit_designate@Woogar Windrune) (race_designate@dwarf) (gender_designate@male) (position_designate@captain, identifiable by a red beard and blue sailing apparel.

Once all are aboard and sail is set, Unit(Captain Woogar) indicates he anticipates smooth sailing. Anticipated travel time is 2.5 days, so round-trip is anticipated to be 5 days.

Under sail, unit(Aubreck) provides an assortment of gear: 2 light crossbows, 40 bolts, 5 coils of 50-ft rope, 2 grappling hooks, 12 torches, 12 tindertwigs, 6 alchemist fires, 6 antitoxins, Potion (Cure Moderate Wounds), 6 sacks for treasure.

Time Stamp (2040/0998-Dravago-18-Wir)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Soul of Winter)

Unit(Aubreck) invites the party to an evening of drinks on the deck, offering all, even this unit and unit(Dembe) portions of his dwarven ale reserved since travels to the (country_designate@Morr Holds). Unit(Aubreck) informs team(The Company) that the ship we will be boarding was called (ship_designate@Emperor of the Waves) and indicates his surprise it is still around. He indicates that the ship(Emperor of the Waves) is apparently stuck on a reef, having been seaworthy, but unclear whether it drifted onto the reef or sailed there. Reports are that it appears to be stable for the time being at least.

Time Stamp (1430/0998-Dravago-19-Zor)
The lookouts spot a wrecked ship that has collided with the cliffs that border the river in to city(Sharn).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Wrecked ship!

Unknown damage/ unknown cause/ unknown potential threat > assess threat

A small boat is dispatched and the team(The Company) volunteers to search the wreckage. Only one survivor, (race_designate@human) (gender_designate@male), is located. Said survivor possesses no identification papers. That survivor is unconscious and remains so for the next several days until the return to city( Sharn).

Time Stamp (1930/0998-Dravago-19-Zor)

Apparently not to be outdone, unit(Captain Woogar) invites team(The Company) to share his grog. He spends a good time cursing the nationality(Karnathi), nationality (Aundarian), and nationality(Thrane), declaring loudly his effectiveness serving in the (military_designate@Brelish Navy). Unit(Garrick) seems nonplused by the discussion and moves away.

Unit(Captain Woogar) indicates he is related to unit(Sergeant Dolom), who the team met on our earliest excursion—he was the guard who responded to unit(Gardakan)’s call after we found remains(Bonal Geldam).

Time Stamp (1315/0998-Dravago-20-Far)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Emperor of the Waves)

The Ship(Shadow of Winter) has dropped anchor within sight distance of the ship(Emperor of the Waves). The ship(Emperor of the Waves) is clearly wrecked and taking on water, though apparently slowly. It tilts to the rear and starboard. Sailors on board ship(Shadow of Winter) openly discuss that it likely has a few days at most before the sea claims it completely.

Having been transported by unit(Captain Woogar) and a squad of race(dwarves) in a shore boat, the team(The Company) has used provided grappling hooks and ropes to make deckfall on ship(Emperor of the Waves). The shore boat waits 500 feet away for the team to signal, dropping a torch into the water, to indicate that we are ready to be retrieved. Unit (Dembe) was asked to stay behind by unit(Skakan), the latter untrusting of the unconscious survivor (and, potentially, of the dwarven crew). Units (Ariane), (Garrick), (Vardrag) and this unit boarded the ship mid-deck and began initial survey.

A quick assessment found no threats or signs of life present. The team proceeded up to the forecastle and from there, unit(Vardrag) was able to ascertain that the rear elevated section was also clear on top. The team moved back down to the main deck and opened the door to the forward cabins.
Within, a large number of spiderwebs blocks the way. After a brief discussion of the dangers of igniting a fire aboard the wooden ship, this unit agrees to enter, clearing the webbing as it goes, and taking a defensive posture in the event of danger.

Large spider = clear threat > attack spider

This unit moves in and engages, failing to land a blow. Hostile(large spider) is unable to damage this unit. Unit (Garrick) moves in and lands the first blow against the creature. This unit moves to the side of hostile(large spider), drawing its attention away from the rest of the party and attempting to flank. Hostile(large spider) turns after this unit and lunges with extreme force…

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Critical strike by hostile(large spider). Memory units attempting to back-up.
All systemmmmssfvsgbfghgfjhkjhlhkj;;kllk
Time Stamp (1550/0998-Dravago-20-Far)
DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit damage restored. Unit (Ariane) applied Oil(Repair Light Damage). Unit significantly damaged but functional.
Hostile (Large spider) terminated = threat over.
Returning to previous priority string….

Activating (infusion_designate@Repair Light Damage). This unit now functioning close to optimum.
This unit assesses area and discovers the team (The Company) has successfully dispatched hostile(large spider) and is investigating paperwork relative to the ship’s travels. These maps and papers crumble to dust as the team attempts to move them.

A hole is discovered leading to the level below, laced thick with cobwebs. This unit drops a sunrod with the hopes of ascertaining more effectively the situation with additional illumination. Unit(Ariane) drops down first after the sunrod, examining the contents of the room. Unit(Ariane) calls out, “There’s something down here! Garrick, I think it’s some of your friends!” Two orcish zombies stagger forward towards unit(Ariane).

Orcish Zombies = hostile units = immediate threat
Elevation = advantage for ranged attacks
Hostile units(zombies) + Unit(ariane) = same plane > greater threat to civilian

Unit(Ariane) fires an effective crossbow shot, but the impact seems almost not to phase hostile unit(orc zombie 1). Unit(Garrick)drops down, suffering apparent minor injuries from the fall, and is unable to progress initially. This unit is unable to drop as a result of unit(Garrick)’s position. This unit awaits clear path. Hostile unit(orc zombie 1) charges and engages unit(Ariane), landing a solid slam. Unit(Vardrag) moves around the hole beside this unit, finding an angle and firing on hostile unit(orc zombie 1), the arrow slipping through the creature with no noticeable effect. Unit(Ariane) retreats and fires, again striking unit(orc zombie 1).

Unit(Garrick) moves to the side and attempts to rebuke hostile units, which ignore his commands. This drops down into the open space made by unit(Garrick) and engages hostile unit(orc zombie 1), striking soundly, but having a diminished effect. Hostile unit(orc zombie 2) engages and slams unit(Garrick), apparently inciting the (position_designate@cleric of Vol), who again rebuked the hostile units. This time the hostile units cowered with compliance. This unit switched to its dagger, deemed more effective against this type of hostile unit, and assisted the others in dispatching hostile units(orc zombie) while said units cowered from unit(Garrick).

A search of area turns up some items(valuable): (jewelry_designate@ golden earrings); (jewelry_designate@necklace with a green amythst).
Two doors and an opening lead South out of this room. Team agrees to take Western-most egress through the opening first. This unit moves forward again, entering the next room, and quickly identifying two spiders the size of large dogs.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Medium-sized Spiders (2)
Medium-sized spiders(2) = clear threat > attack spiders

Unit(Garrick) and this unit move into the room to engage spiders. Unit(Ariane) fires a crossbow bolt which pierces deeply into hostile unit (medium spider 2). Both hostile units fail to effectively attack unit(Garrick) and this unit. Unit (Garrick) strikes and eliminates hostile unit(medium spider 2). This unit fumbles, accidentally striking unit(Garrick). Unit(Garrick) strikes hostile unit(medium spider 1); this unit also strikes hostile unit(medium spider 1); hostile unit withdraws deeper into the ship(Emperor of the Waves), climbing around a corner.

Team decides to take a minute or two to pre- and re-pair before pursuing hostile unit. This unit activates (infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: verminbane). Unit (Garrick) casts (spell_designate@divine: cure minor wounds) repeatedly on unit(Ariane) before consuming (potion_designate@ cure moderate wounds) to restore his own damage, partially caused by this unit, for which this unit feels guilt (emotional self-recrimination attached to perceived wrongdoing that has not been counterbalanced by equivalent or greater rightdoing). In the meantime, unit(Vardrag) searches the room and finds item(valuable): (jewelry_designate@crude silver bracelet).

All units prepared to proceed, unit(Ariane) moves around the corner with her crossbow, firing on and eliminating hostile unit(medium spider 1). Even as she informs the team of her success, she lets out a scream as a swarm of scurrying spiders envelops her.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Spider Swarm!
Hostile unit(swarm: spiders) = clear threat >pre-planned response(swarm)

Unit(Ariane) is engulfed and bitten repeatedly by the swarm. This unit initiates a rushed infusion(infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: swarmstrike). Unit(Garrick) grabs unit(Ariane) and pulls her back out of the swarm. This unit advances and smashes the hostile unit(swarm) as another hostile unit(swarm) appears.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers structural damage but functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

This unit smashes hostile unit(second swarm).
{Used 2 Action Points: 1st to accelerate the Swarmstrike infusion; 2nd to make sure an attack roll hit the first swarm}

Unit(Garrick) uses (item_designate@blessed bandage) to stabilize unit(Ariane) and prevent her from taking further damage. All units assess situation and determine that retreat and rest is wisest course of action. All units return to top deck and signal for pick-up by dwarven shore boat. Upon return to ship(Shadow of Winter), unit(Aubreck) is displeased by the team’s failure to return with the target(metal box), but accepts the need for refreshing and repairing. This unit activates (infusion_designate@Repair Light Damage) on itself before resting with the others for the evening.

Time Stamp (0710/0998-Dravago-21-Sar)

Again, the team(The Company) moves aboard the ship(Emperor of the Waves). This time, only unit(Ariane), unit(Garrick) and this unit return to the ship. Unit(Vardrag) engaged in drinking with unit(Captain Woogar) and both were still drinking when all rested units rose for a second exploration of ship(Emperor of the Waves). As such, unit(Vardrag) remained behind with unit(Dembe), ostensibly protecting unit(Skakan) and watching over unknown unit(rescued human).
Returning along the same path, the team moves through the area where the swarms were encountered. Overhead, a grate reveals the open air and something slithers over it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Huge Centipede
Huge centipede = clear threat >metal grate = protection; query(engage)?

Unit(Ariane) moves below the creature and shoots it quite effectively with a crossbow bolt. As hostile unit(huge centipede) crawls off, this unit takes a minute to activate (infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: verminbane).

Team sets out to search rooms adjacent to encounter area with hostile units(spiders). All seem to contain lots of spider webs, some standard sailing equipment (all deteriorated beyond salvage), some bunking (dressers, beds, desks)—all smashed. Nothing shows value or potential.

Moving back towards the hold, opening the next door reveals hostile unit (race_designate@half-orc) (gender_designate@male), hostile unit (medium snake), and hostile unit(swarm: spider). The hostile unit(half-orc) seems to have established what initial impressions reveal to be a shrine(Devourer) in this space.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Shrine to Devourer
Unit (Half-orc) moves >Query(moves)? = likely hostile intent> Hostile unit = Engage

The hostile unit(medium snake) crawls forward, snapping at and biting unit(Garrick). Unit(Ariane) smiles, moves slightly to get a better angle, and fires, magic arcing backwards along the path of the bolt as it strikes hostile unit(half-orc), indicating she has successfully pulled a spell from the target—this is the first time this unit has seen her use this ability. Hostile unit(half-orc) roars in ager at the violation it feels and casts (divine_spell@warp wood), trapping this unit, attempting but failing to trap unit (Garrick), and knocking unit(Ariane) to the ground. This unit breaks free from the wood entrapping it as unit(Garrick) cries out a (divine_spell@command: approach!).

Hostile unit(medium snake) continues to engage unit(Garrick) while hostile unit(half-orc) does indeed approach, having succumbed to unit(Garrick)’s directive. Unit(Ariane) again pierces the hostile unit(half-orc) with a crossbow bolt and this unit strikes hostile unit(half-orc) as it tries to pass it in his approach of unit(Garrick). The hostile unit(half-orc) falls as the hostile unit(swarm:spiders) moves to engage. Unit(Garrick) lights a torch in anticipation of the hostile unit(swarm), continuing to dodge hostile unit(medium snake).

The hostile unit(medium snake) turns its attention to this unit, potential due to this unit’s obvious assault on hostile unit(half-orc), missing. The hostile unit(swarm: spiders) climbs out, attempting to attack this unit and unable to penetrate this unit’s adamantine structure. Unit(Garrick) tosses the item(lit torch) on the ground beside this unit and engages hostile unit (medium snake) with unit(Ariane). This unit retrieves the item(lit torch) from the ground as the hostile unit(swarm: spiders) continues to seek egress into this unit’s structure.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers structural damage but functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

This unit uses item(lit torch) to bash the hostile unit(swarm:spider). Concluding this engagement, it is noted that unit(Garrick) and unit (Ariane) have succeeded in dispatching hostile unit(medium snake). Unit(Ariane) seems slightly unhappy with elimination of hostile unit(medium snake).
Query: unit(Ariane) did not show similar concern for hostile units( spiders); unit (Ariane) assigns different values to life? Storing Query.

Unit (Ariane) ties up the hostile unit(half-orc) after dealing it repeated blows to the head in an attempt to assure it remains unconscious. Unit(Ariane) indicates her intention of interrogating hostile unit(half-orc) later to discern more about the events that have occurred aboard the ship. The team strips hostile unit(half-orc) of possessions, adding all discovered to sacks of recovered treasure: (item_designate@ item list: +1 hide armor; masterwork bone shield; potion (barkskin, +2); potion(blur); potion(sanctuary); hand of the mage; scroll(gust of wind); scroll (neutralize poison); +1 cloak of resistance; 507 gp; 199 sp )

Continuing past the room(shrine to Devourer), we find another room full of corpses. Unit(Ariane) and unit(Garrick) surmise these were sacrifices that the hostile unit(half-orc) made to his deity and consumed as part of his religious rites. This unit is appalled and surprised by this behavior. This unit takes a moment to activate (infusion_designate@repair light damage) on itself, restoring itself to close to full functionality.

Deeper still into this second level of the ship, the team comes across an open trap door in the floor, again covered in thick webbing. As the webbing is cut, the ship(Emperor of the Waves) creaks and lurches, reacting to the change in structural support as the webbing breaks. The team descends into the hold below as water begins to pour into the ship, rushing around this unit’s ankles initially, but slowly rising.

Something alive lurches towards us out of the darkness.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Hold Monsters
Two undead creatures(Query? Type: unknown) lurching towards team = clear threat = engage threat

Unit(Ariane) identifies the creatures as ghouls as the first hostile unit(Ghoul 1) surges forward and strikes unit(Garrick), freezing him in place. This unit engages hostile unit(Ghoul 1), striking it with its item(Morningstar). Hostile unit(Ghoul 2) rushes in from the water and strikes this unit solidly.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers critical strike for significant damage but is still functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

Unit(Ariane) fires on and strikes hostile unit(Ghoul 1), slaying it. This unit strikes hostile unit(Ghoul 2), dodges same hostile unit as unit(Ariane) drops her crossbow, and then this unit strikes a finishing blow to eliminate hostile unit(Ghoul 2).

While unit(Ariane) searches for her crossbow and unit(Garrick) begins to stretch and move again, this unit proceeds forward, seeking the target(metal box). Unit(Garrick) quickly strips remains(Ghoul 1) of a treasure(small silver bracelet) while this unit locates target(metal box) in a larger crate.
NOTE: box = chest = significant weight (35 lbs).

This unit hefts chest as unit(Ariane) comes to assist. Both units identify something relatively large under the water attacking the ship. Before unit(Ariane) can fire on unit(unidentified thing in water), this unit advises against engaging a unit attacking the ship when we have our target. Unit(Ariane) agrees and both retreat back towards the ladder up. Unit(Garrick) meanwhile also strips the remains(Ghoul 2) of treasure(gem-studded belt) and meets the team at the ladder up. At this point, the water is waist-deep and rising quickly. The others climb up first and assist this unit in getting the chest up to the next level.

All units surge forward back towards the main deck entrance, heading back through the room(shrine to the Devourer). Unit(Ariane) stops to cut the ropes tying the unconscious hostile unit(half-orc), leaving him to drown free from restraints. This unit moves slowly to keep up, carrying the additional weight of the target(metal box). As all units return to level of the main deck, the ship pitches sharply backwards, throwing all towards the back of the ship and against the interior walls of the forecastle as the front of the ship rocks up to almost 45 degrees.

As the team moves to exit the forecastle, we identify the hostile unit(huge centipede) waiting on the deck. This unit hand the target(metal box) to unit(Garrick) and moves to engage, moving slowly and holding the wall as it proceeds only 5 feet, trying to remain stable. Unit(Ariane) prepares her stolen spell(divine_spell@produce flame) that she apparently took prior to cutting the ropes on hostile unit(half-orc). This unit stands between hostile unit(huge centipede) and team. Unit(Garrick) casts (divine_spell@chill of the grave) and wounds hostile unit(huge centipede) before sliding along the railing to the back of the ship and throwing the item(torch) overboard to call the shore boat.

Hostile unit(huge centipede) engages and misses this unit while unit(Ariane) strikes it with a ball of fire and this unit strikes it with item(Morningstar).
Unit(Ariane) slides while this unit and hostile unit(huge centipede) again exchange blows. Arrows begin coming in, trying to strike the hostile unit, and the team becomes aware of the presence of unit(Vardrag) in the prow of the shore boat, trying to fire on the hostile unit(huge centipede).

Once unit(Garrick) is aboard the shore boat and unit(Ariane) begins to climb down, this unit relinquishes its weight to gravity and slides past the hostile unit(huge centipede), which misses once again. This unit climbs down as the shore boat begins to back away.

Before the shore boat can return to ship(Soul of Winter), all present watch as the remains of ship(Emperor of the Waves) are crushed by tentacles of a unit(Sea Squid) that breaks the ship in half before the pieces sink beneath the waves. The dwarves row us back to the ship(Soul of Winter) and all aboard count their blessings and hope that the unit(Sea Squid) does not turn its eye upon us. It seems to be an unwarranted concern, however, as unit(Captain Woogar) commands his crew to set sail and we are quickly underway back to city(Sharn).

Time Stamp (1520/0998-Dravago-24-Zol)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Soul of Winter)
We sail back within sight of city(Sharn) and rejoice, both at the beauty of the City of Towers and at the conclusion of a truly successful contract.

Hone’s purchases and expenses over the next few days, as we get back in town:
(cash_on_hand 100 gp[Aubreck’s completion pay]; new total cash_on_hand =611.3gp)
(cash_expenditures -20 gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =591.3gp)
(cash_on_hand +904.8 gp[magic item cut]; new total cash_on_hand =1496.1gp)
(cash_expenditures -90.5 gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =1405.6gp)
(cash_on_hand +XX gp[jewelry cut]; new total cash_on_hand =(1405.6
(cash_expenditures –(XX*0.1) gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =(1405.6+XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
(cash_expenditures –102gp[replace used items- 2 oils of light repair; 1 sunrod]; new total cash_on_hand =(1303.6+XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
(cash_expenditures –1000gp1 armor enhancement to adamantine body; takes 1 day, can be done during downtime between my working on shield]; new total cash_on_hand =(303.6XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
{assuming 1 day for enchantment & a days’ worth of work means 23 crafting days remaining on shield}

Time Stamp (1930/0998-Dravago-25-Wir)

End Transcript



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