Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Death in Darguun

Hone POV

Main Points:
-Traveled to Darguun
-Found ancient ruins
-Defeated Blue and returned with Dragonshard

Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram
Ariane Xiphus

Time Stamp (1120/0998-Eyre-19-Zor)
{9 days since our last adventure}
{5.5wks x7dys/wk=38.5dys – 9dys =29.5 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp(/tavern_designate@The Red Hammer)

This unit receives summons through House Sivis messenger to meet unit(Masakan) about potential employment at (tavern_designate@Broken Anvil).All units of (team_designate@name: unknown) receive similar summons, apparently, except unit(Valynthe). QUERY: Unknown if unit (Valynthe) did not receive summons or did not respond.

Unit(Masakan) explains that his professor, a (race_designate@hobgoblin) who specializes in ancient Dakaani artifacts, has learned of a new discovery in (country_designate@Darguun) (city_designate@Rhukaan Draal). Unit(Masakan) offers to employ us to escort him to city(Rhukaan Draal) to explore this new discovery, where there will be “many riches” as well as the potential to establish contacts at (school_designate@University of Morgrave). This unit is interested in establishing such contacts as well as in seeing the rest of continent(Khorvaire) and agrees to escort unit (Masakan). Others present do as well.
Unit(Gardakan) reveals that he hired unit(Ariane) to replace him temporarily—that he did not intent to deceive us, but had sworn unit(Ariane) to secrecy in the matter and had “personal House matters that needed to be addressed discretely and that’s all I’ll say for now.”

Further discussion reveals that a recent basement collapse has revealed the entrance to a previously undiscovered goblin tomb or crypt. Unit(Masakan)’s professor wishes (team_designate@name:unknown) to enter city(Rhukaan Draal), make contact with a known (race_designate@warforged), explore the tomb, and ex-filtrate as quickly as possible. All expenses in both directions, via first Orion Rail and the via Wagon Trails, is pre-paid by unit(Masakan)’s professor.

As arrangements are made to meet at (ward_designate@Lower Tavick’s Landing) (district_designate@Terminus) (building_designate@Terminus Station) to take the Orion Lightning Rail, unit(Masakan) insists that all units follow him to his sleeping quarters, where we discover he has crafted/purchased/acquired large quantities of alchemical goods. Unit(Masakan) expresses the desire that all units carry his supplies. This unit and unit(Garrick) express inability to carry more without becoming encumbered. All units agree to carry (item_designate@Blessed Bandage). This unit, after some discussion, concurs to carry two vials(item_designate@Aboleth Mucus) as it is toxic to other team members. Others agree to carry what they can or what they desire to; all units disperse to meet at station.

Time Stamp (1340/0998-Eyre-23-Mol)
{4 days since our leaving Sharn}
Location Stamp(/country_designate@Darguun) (city_designate@Rhuukan Draal) (/district_designate@human slums)

After an uneventful trip that takes the team through (city_designate@Starilaskur) in eastern country(Breland) and then down to (city_designate@Sterngate) where we joined the wagon trail to city (Rhuukan Draal), the team arrives and quickly finds its way to the (district_designate@human slums).
While there are several interesting sites within view, including the (fortress_designate@The Red Keep), the team maintains focus and proceeds to assigned meeting location: a bridge in this district. A large parade nearby includes horns and drums and seems to be celebrating (holiday_designate@Goblin Independence Day).

On the bridge, a warforged appears. It self-identifies as (name_designate@Chopper) and is to provide us with the location of the abandoned temple where the excavation was discovered. Unit(Content Not Found: chopper) tells us the temple site is abandoned and encourages us to quickly seek her out at a specified mill after we finish at the church for ex-filtration, as there are those in Darguun known to take slaves of unattended humans. The team proceeds to the designated location with haste.

Location Stamp (city_designate@Rhuukan Draal) (/building_designate@abandoned temple)

The abandoned temple is a former (faith_designate@Silver Flame) temple that was torn down and defiled after the rise of the goblinoid government. Its walls are marked with graffiti and smeared with filth. The doors are not secured. The team enters, and, in the main hall, discovers a hole in the ground with a steel spike driven next to it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Attack by (name_designate@The Screeching Skull)

Armed skeleton = hostile unit <engage><push><engage><hostile><identify>< move to engage

Unit (Mazakan) throws an item(item_designate@Dust Eggshell Grenade) at unit(guard_1), blinding him. Unit(Kivilax) activates a power(psionic_power@name:unknown) and engages unit(guard_2). Hostile unit(Melee) is a (race_designate@changling) and morphs into unit(Chopper), saying “So you all finally got here, hunh?”

From the dark area of the room, a sling stone whizzes past this unit, missing only slightly. A large burst of rainbow colors indicates an area in which unit(Gardakan) has issued a spell(arcane_spell@Color Spray), disabling one of the hostile units. Unit(Ariane) fires a (item_designate@Flaming Bolt) at the hostile unit(changeling), striking and eliminating that target. This unit surges to the back of the room, locates the hostile(caster), pins said caster to the wall, and strikes hostile(caster) with its morningstar. Unit(Kivilax) delivers a coup de grace to a downed hostile unit(guard_2).

Unit(Gardakan) successfully employs (item_designate@ Wand of Daze) to stun hostile unit(guard_1) as unit(Astral Construct) deals hostile unit(guard_1) another blow. Unit(Garrick) moves in to deliver a destroying blow to unit(guard_1) while this unit lands a similar blow, disabling the unit(caster), dropping him.

Unit(Ariane) and unit(Kivilax) begin discussion about dragonshard.

This unit recognizes unit(Kivilax) as a shifted unit:
Unit(Kivilax) = hostile;amended: unit(Kivilax) = ally versus common threat
Unit(Kivilax) threatened hostilities following elimination of common threat
Common threat eliminated < unit(Kivilax) = hostile unit

This unit moves and engages unit(Kivilax), striking two solid blows against the hostile unit. Unit(Kivilax) dodges a third blow as it activates a psionic power….

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: This unit sustains severe internal processing damage. Adamantine body mitigates NONE of the damage.
This unit takes 6 points of structural damage; this unit is still functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

Unit(Mazakan) screams, “What are you doing, Hone?” Unit(Ariane) attempts to order this unit to cease actions. Unit(Ariane) is not this unit’s commander; orders are ignored. This unit is unclear how team does not remember previous threats leveled by unit(Kivilax)—perhaps processing damage during battle? Return to priority string…Unit(Garrick) steps behind unit(Kivilax) and strikes true, dropping unit(Kivilax).

Unit(Ariane) moves behind unit(Garrick) and takes a hostile action, attacking unit(Garrick)with her sap. As unit(Garrick) turns to respond, unit(Mazakan) takes the dragonshard from the altar and the walls start to shake.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Betrayal by unit(Ariane)
EVENT_TRIGGER: Collapse Imminent

Unit(Ariane) attacked unit(Garrick)<unit(garrick)><unit(ariane)> Elimination of hostile unit
(Similar to logic regarding recovery of unit(Kivilax))

This unit hands unit(Kivilax) to unit(Garrick) to carry and retrieves the inert form of hostile unit(Ariane). This unit checks to make sure hostile unit is indeed damaged and not pretending, then hefts hostile unit(Ariane) and seeks to move forward again.

Another series of quakes starts causing more tiles to collapse. As the correct path is about to collapse, unit(Gardakan) steps forward and his dragonmark begins to glow, knitting the pieces of the safe path back together long enough for this unit and unit (Garrick) to finish crossing.

In the tunnel beyond, unit(Gardakan) stops this unit to attend to hostile unit(Ariane). Unit(Mazakan) cries out from the room by the skeleton sarcophagi, “There’s no way out! We’re all going to die! This just leads back to the room with waterslides!”

Unit(Garrick) looks down the darkened hallway that has not been explored and, with unit(Kivilax) over his shoulder, starts running that way, “Follow me!”

This unit questions unit(Garrick): “Is unit(Garrick) aware of an exit in this direction?”

To which unit(Garrick) replies, “No, but there isn’t one in the other direction…”

This logic is not flawed. This unit and unit(Gardakan) follow unit(Garrick) and unit(Mazakan) be heard running back to catch up with us from behind.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Water Tunnel Exit

Unit(Garrick) has located an exit: a tunnel in a pool leads out, based on the flow of the water. Chucks of debris are now regularly falling from the ceiling. Unit(Garrick) believes that there is clearance to breathe the whole way out, though there isn’t a clear indication of where the passage leads. Unit(Garrick) takes unit(Kivilax) and makes the swim outward, followed closely by unit(Gardakan), who flounders for a moment in the current before getting his bearings and swimming out. This unit climbs in the water, sinks as anticipated, and attempts to keep unit(Ariane) above water.
{Action_Point_Reserve depletion -1; remaining Action_Point_Reserve = 2/5}

Unit(Masakan) catches up with us in the water room and sees this unit struggling to maintain verticality with unit(Ariane). Unit(Masakan) takes unit(Ariane) and swims out, this unit walking along the bottom behind and trying to keep pace, pushing up whenever a unit(swimmer) drops low enough for this unit to give it a boost.

All units exit into the river. Quick assessment indicates an exit point downriver from the bridge where team originally met unit(name_designate@NOT Chopper). Unit (Gardakan)checks status of unit(Ariane) while unit(Garrick) checks status of unit(Kivilax).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Unit(Garrick) armed & aggressive posture

Unit(Garrick) seeks to move against hostile unit(Ariane) for attack in dragonshard room. This unit stands by. Unit(Masakan) argues against destruction of unit(Ariane); unit(Gardakan) likewise pleads for patience and lenience for his employee. This unit supports temporary dismissal of resolution until successful ex-filtration from country(Darguun). All units agree to temporary cessation of hostilities.

All units retreat to Rest House of Ghallandra, same as previous evening’s reststop. A room is secured for unit(Kivilax), who has stabilized via autohypnosis. Unit(Garrick) assesses his condition as stable but unconscious for 24 to 48 hours if subject to natural healing rates. Payment is made for unit(Kivilax)’s room for two days and the party rests one evening, leaving the next morning for Sharn.

Time Stamp (0810/0998-Dravago-01-Sul)
{4 days back to Sharn}
Location Stamp (city_designate@Sharn)

While the ride back to city(Sharn) is uneventful, this unit shows no trust for hostile unit(Ariane) and chooses to never present its backside to said unit for fear of betrayal as already demonstrated by previous actions. The ride back to city(Sharn) is quiet and all units seem more interested in resolving internal thought strings than in conversation.

Returning to country(Breland)(city_designate@Sharn), a small compensation is resolved from the masterwork gear of the Karnnathi skeleton. All units agree to meet up once unit(Marsakan) has presented (item_designate@dragonshard) to his professor and received whatever compensation professor grants to team.

This unit heads back to (district_designate@Blackbones) to check in with its fellow warforged and return to work on its (item_designate@Gauntlet shield).
{~30 crafting days remaining on shield}
End Transcript




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