Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Forgotten Forge Pt 1

Hone POV

Main Points:
-PCs escaped burning building
-Met the Duke of Justice
-Found dead body on bridge
-Defeated Killer
-Received initial job from Elaydren d’Vown
Content Not Found: valenthye
Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram

Hone’s Log
Internal Memory Storage

(Game Session 1: Saturday, 16 July 2016)

File/New File…
New File (designate_team)(designate_name@unknown)

Time Stamp (2000/1000-X(m)-Y(#)-Z(day))

Location Stamp(continent_designate@Khorvaire/country_designate@Breland/ city_designate@Sharn/ quarter_designate@Dura/ward_designate@Middle Dura/district_designate@Hareth’s Folly)

This unit was unsuccessful in seeking materials for crafting or potential employment in (district_designate@Bazaar) market in (ward_designate@Middle Dura). Information was acquired regarding unusual architecture in (district_designate@Hareth’s Folly), close to unit’s current location. This unit went to examine architecture for visual storage and potential analysis. Cadets (incomplete units) perform chaotic drills in the streets and there is much humanoid laughter. District(Hareth’s Folly) seems to be a nice place. Storing (district_designate@Hareth’s Folly/assessment = cordial).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Tavern Explosion

This unit identifies burning building, apparently a tavern, its entrance blocked by fire.

Burning building = Building being destroyed by fire = destruction of property = loss of resources <eliminate><examine><respond>< initating defensive countermeasures

This unit observes a single hostile unit (race_designate@warforged) with axe in hand. Unit(Masakan) asks if this is related to fire at the tavern as hostile unit throws axe. This unit observes axe strike critical point in unit(Masakan)’s structure, embedding itself deeply into his shoulder. This unit is surprised, both at the damage inflicted and at unit(Masakan)’s ability to endure it: unit seems to still be functional.

This unit activates (infusion_designate@Shield of Faith: Hone) to improve damage resistance and moves to face hostile unit(warforged). This unit states, “Destruction of flesh-borne units in non-effective use of city resources and is rejected as course of action,” placing itself and its longspear between hostile unit and team(name:unknown). Unit(Garrick) casts a spell (spell_designate@unknown: not identified). Hostile unit (warforged) attacks with a sling—results of attack unobserved. Hostile unit damaged. Hostile unit attempts to close with team(name:unknown). This unit intervenes, striking hostile unit and deactivating it.
(team_designate@City Watch) arrives. This is a different team than the one encountered outside burned tavern. Head of team(City Watch) identified as (name_designate@Sergeant Dolom) (race_designate@dwarf) (gender_designate@male). (team_designate@City Watch) order units present to drop weapons and cease hostilities. This unit complies. Unit(Gardakan), returning while attack was occurring, speaks with unit(Sergeant Dolom) and explains discovery of remains (Bonel Glendem) and subsequent attack by hostile unit(warforged).

Unit(Sergeant Dolom) sends all units present on our way and impounds hostile unit.

Location Stamp(quarter_designate@Menthis/ward_designate@Middle Menthis/district_designate@Smoky Towers /tavern_designate@Starfire Dragon Inn)

All units present of team(name:unknown) in current establishment. Establishment is run by (house_designate@Ghallandra) and the place is full of (race_designate@halfling). NOTE_TRIGGER: size is not indicative of cadet status.

Team(name:unknown)is approached by unknown unit (race_designate@human) (gender_designate@female). Unit is wearing blue cloak and silver jewelry. Unit self-identifies as (name_designate@ Lady Eladrin D’Cannith) (house_designate@Cannith), and unit wishes to discuss encounter with remains(Bonel Glendem). After being provided an explanation of what transpired, unit (Lady Eladrin) indicates employment opportunity. Remains (Bonel) and unit (Lady Eladrin) were seeking a relic of (house_designate@Cannith). Unit (Bonel) had located the foundry where the relic was believed to be deep below (tower_designate@Dorashun), 57 levels below the sewers. Relic identified as “7-pointed adamantine plate the size of a fist.” Unit(Lady Eladrin) offers team(name:unknown)1500 gold sovereigns for the return of the relic. Unit(Lady Eladrin) provides following advice:
Bring light source (torches)
Provides a map of the sewers
Team(name:unknown)agrees to take on task. After some discussion, units decide to break into squads in the morning to pursue two pre-tasks. This unit is assigned to (squad_designate@visit inspector) with unit(Garrick) and unit(Masakan). After pre-tasks are completed team(name:unknown) agree to regroup at tavern(Starfire Dragon Inn) to begin expedition to locate Cannith relic.

Unit(Valynthe) offers all units a place to stay, but all seem to have independent domiciles. After the other units go their way, this unit heads back down.

Location Stamp (quarter_designate@The Cogs/ward_designate@Upper Cogs/district_designate@Blackbones)

This unit returns to the only regular concentration of warforged in Sharn, stopping first to inform (name_designate@Smith) at (shrine_designate@Pool of Onatar’s Tears) that the expedition for materials was unsuccessful but that potential for employment still exists.

Afterwards, with little else to do, this unit applies (infusion_designate@repair light damage: Hone), all damage caused by glass shrapnel successfully repaired. With no scheduled activities, this unit reports to (tavern_name@The Red Hammer) to rest and recuperate amongst other warforged.

Time Stamp (1030/1000-X(m)-Y(#)-Z(day+1))

(squad_designate@visit Inspector) meets at the office of (name_designate@Vincent St. Damien). (position_designate@City Inspector) receives our squad in his office. He informs us that the owner of the tavern that burned was in debt. This unit is inattentive once it is determined cause of fire is unrelated to pending task at hand. Unit(Garrick) and unit(Masakan) hold a conversation with the position(City Inspector), also learning the whereabouts of the pre-ambulatory unit that Unit(Valynthe) was unwilling to surrender. It was assigned to a housing unit where care could be provided until proper maturation.
Later, squad(visit Inspector) met up with (squad_designate@more questions for Eladrin). Unit(Valynthe) and unit(Gardakan) learned that we are searching for a cluster #213 from Unit(Lady Eladrin). With this information and readied gear, team(name:unknown) proceeds to head towards the sewers beneath tower(Dorashun).

End Transcript



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