Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Forgotten Forge Pt 2

Masakan POV

Main Points:
-Met Skakan
-Defeated Saber and retrieved schema

Garrick Hintram
Ariane Xiphus

Log #1 I’m still shaken after the events that took place the other day, even as I write i can barely hold my pen in my hands. And to think it all went so smoothly beforehand too. As we agreed on we met near the lower quarter, and made our way to the sewers. We got lost along the way and had to ask a goblin for directions while finding out Val’s…Questionable taste in food. Gardakan almost threw up and i simply laughed it off.

We finally found our way to the sewers when we were ambushed by another warforged and 2 changelings. I was wondering why they were working with him, but i didn’t have time to think, they were eventually dispatched with only garrick being seriously injured. We eventually found a doorway leading us to where we needed to be, but it was locked and we had no way of disabling the trap. It was then that we found out that Gardakan was never really there, but rather a changeling named ariane with very questionable morals that was playing the part of my friend, everyone else was taken a back but i was just confused. After she assured us gardakan was fine i didn’t give it much more thought as she was the only one who could open the door.

The door lead into a very bleak cavern, with next to no light at all. As we walked in we were swarmed by a mass of beetles, but they were scared off after we shooed them away with fire. We were still very exhausted from the fight before as well as trying to open the sealed door. So we decided to take refuge in a abandoned building with hone keeping watch.
We awoke to the sound of scurrying and our new companion, found 2 acid drooling giant rats. She managed to take out one of them in a single shot, and the other took HER out in a single shot knocking her out. I quickly dispatched the other one and Val helped her back on her feet. Eventually we found what we were looking for a big building that had the artifact we were after inside. but as we got in 2 dog like warforged were waiting for us…it was a hard fight but we eventually won out. and our reward was not only the artifact we found but a multitude of other things we could sell off for more gold.

We thought it was all said and done all that was left was to head back…..and then HE appeared. A fiery arrow came as if from nowhere and almost took out val. Yes.I will never for get his name….Saber. I made my way up to confront him. and we traded blows for a while. But as I was fighting something felt different about this one. I honestly thought he was just an egotistical warforged not much different from the others we fought, but i couldn’t have been more wrong.

While the first 2 we fought were of no significant threat, this one was in a class of his own. I say that because despite me recently having an ax embedded in my shoulder, I could tell the one that night just lucked out. This one however, seemed as if he wasn’t even really trying, and eventually fended us off like it was no big deal. This was on top of the fact that we just got out of a really hard fight, and honestly were in no real condition to take him on. I tried to plead to everyone to fall back, that fighting him was only gonna make him mad, and I wasn’t wrong. He was taking us all on like it was nothing, we probably could have fared better if our clerics had any spells left but they were all spent and we were basically running on empty.

At that point my mind was racing, I wanted to run but I couldn’t just leave them behind. At that point the only thing that i was thinking of was how to get as many of them out as i could, all the while wondering how can they choose to fight him in the condition we were in. It didn’t make sense. I honestly thought he was gonna wipe us out…but to my surprise Hone actually managed to land a decent enough blow to slow him down, which allowed everyone else to finish him off. I was stunned both in fear of how strong he was and how they actually managed to beat him

I wanted to explain myself, but the words just wouldn’t come out…I fear it would have sounded like nothing but excuses anyway. I am however grateful that they still saw fit to give me my fair share, Honestly i wouldn’t have been surprised if they just had me walk away with nothing.

Log 2: I decided to talk to one of my teachers, someone I consider a friend and I always consult her on things such as this. She goes by the name of alexandria and is a veteran Human warrior that fought in the last war. She’s had a rough past, and I’m one of the few people she has told. But as a result it’s made her very down to earth, despite her only being 2 years older then me.

I told her about what happened that day, And after she hugged me to comfort me….she then proceeded to slap me in the face. I was telling her that he told us that if we gave him the artifact he would have let us go. I was convinced we could have just gotten it back from him at a later date. But she went on to tell me that even if we did give him what he wanted, there was no certainty that he would have let you go like he said he would have. He might have just killed us anyway after he got what he came for. I was so panicked at the time that i didn’t even think about that possibility. “Sometimes you only get one chance” She said. " There is nothing wrong with taking the safe route, but you should know that if you do don’t always assume the other path will be open for you"

I told her that i was never a gambler, that i never enjoyed taking chances or risks if i didn’t feel it was worth it, But she then told me that life was more like blackjacks then a slot machine. I never quite understood that, but if that’s the case it would explain why she loved to bet on that game.
But end of the day she told me not to worry, Humanoids are naturally cautious, the trick is to cultivate your courage. But that there is a fine line between courage and recklessness, and to never confuse the 2.

Courage is going in despite fear, Recklessness is ignoring fear entirely. And told me that i showed courage that night. I was confused by what she meant.
Apparently It would have been REAL easy for me to just run off entirely, but i didn’t because i was too concerned about everyone else’s safety, despite them not entirely understanding that. But I still needed to refine it and there are 2 ways of doing it.

Either dismissing fear and choosing to recognize only danger and analyze it with logic, or conquer your fear…and make it the source of your strength.
Don’t let fear control you, don’t let terror exist within you. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be sorry, Be better.

…Alex always did know how to get to me.

Log 3…I’ve been Slaving away in the alchemy lab for the past few days now. Using the money I got from our last venture to good use. I’ve honestly only stopped to eat, sleep and bathe. I’m determined to make sure what happened that night never happened again, but i need to make sure I’m prepared
Making what i can and what i can’t I get through various connections I made over the years. I might be overdoing it, but I don’t care. I just wa……My goblin studies teacher just asked me to meet him in his room when i can…I wonder what he wants?



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