Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 1

Drew POV

Main Points

*Sailed to Rhukaan Draal attacked during journey
*Met with contact Falin who agreed to take the characters to Rose Quarry
*In Rose Quarry agents of the Emerald Claw were discovered and the party engaged

Ouff, those few day were so hard. The tavern where I lived was so crappy even gobelin could come in. Then this gobelin tell me that I have to help those that saved my life. Poor them, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with me. I went on a boat with them. I saw two warforged and one that don’t stopc hanging his face, those will make for interesting carving. Then we get attack, on our boat, people hate us so much already that they didn’t want us to stay too long in korrenburg. Sadly I didn’t receive what I deserved in this fight. There was a breathing thing that dryed my wine, that was awful. After a few day of being sick at sea we finaly reached the putrid nation of dargun. After a mean guy forced us to fight his own battle, he brought us where we wanted. And now, our plan failed and we have to fight, so many people, and I’m tired. and there is so many of them. Aaaaa life is awful.



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