Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 2

Drew POV

Main points

Party fought & defeated mooks
Swimmer died
Swimmer came back from the dead and took identity of fallen solider Drew Graves
Party explored deserted Rose Quarry & discovered map to Whitehearth
Party entered the Mournland Garrick and Drew manifested dragonmarks

Damned, I died, but not really. Those scumbags couldn’t do the job properly. Sadly the creppy changeling cut my finger off. what is her problem? I should have make her eat it. Then we went to the mournland and there something bad happen, something woke in me. I believe I have the power of a dragnomark in me. It made me sturdier and I understand thing I didn’t understand before. We saw wolves, or big dog, that were dead for a while but attacked us. It feel so . . . so . . . memorable, not the attack but the mournland, walking on fresh dead body, it is different, not refreshing but different than walking on the beach. Strangely enough we find the same thing in a mountain of dead body than in a day at the beach, Crab! We broke it again and again and again. It deserved only to be broken and if someone fixe it we’ll brake it again. Stupid scumbcrab. In the end, I think I found out who I am, I’m Drew Grave! The man that came back from the grave!



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