Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 3

Drew/Hone POV

Main Points
-Found the hatch to Whitehearth
-Met talking wolf survivors who asked them to defeat an evil wolf golem which the party did


Today we went to a Cave, Cannith places. Full of those weird challenge with colored key. Then, after fighting fire wich I’m sure I killed by throwing water at it. We found talking wolves . . . Those shit were nice, I’m still trying to convince them to join us, Between the two walking armors, the face changing women/man/thing and death that can’t reach me, it would be a great adition to the group.


Internal Memory Storage
(Game Session 10: Saturday, 08 October 2016)

Time Stamp (0840/0998-Nym-26-Zor)
Location Stamp
(/country_designate@Mournland) (village_designate@Whitehearth) (facility_designate@Whitehearth)

Following engagement with hostile unit (big_crab), unit(Ariane) returns to unit(Failin) beyond the mists with a large collection of unnecessary equipment while unit (Dembe) returned to active team status.

Proceeding to follow the map directions from location(Rose Quary), an entrance in the indicated location is found, bearing the mark of House(Cannith) on its crossbeam. Before proceeding downward, a creature swoops downward towards the team.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Airborne incoming
Processing….Inbound flier/form indicates potentially type(undead). Preparing to respond when attacked….

The hostile unit (identified: zombie_vulture) swoops down on Dembe, who makes short work of the avian, cutting it down before it can fly away. The team organizes, prepares item(everbright_lantern), and enters the passages.

Within the caverns, four hatches are found, but no other units of any kind are encountered.
The team selects a hatch and uses the item(blue sapphire key) to open the hatch, revealing a ladder down. Unit (Dembe) descends and examines the area, which is shielded by some magical darkness screen. Returning, unit(Dembe) informs the team of a spherical chamber with a central pillar with colored sockets. The team descends to examine.

The central pillar includes 5 blue sockets, 2 green sockets, and 2 brown sockets. After some discussion, the item(blue sapphire key) is inserted into one of the blue sockets and turned. The spherical chamber spins, the entrance from above turning to open towards the party’s 9-o’clock, the same as the socket originally turned.

Proceeding through the open hallway, the party discovers offices, with the body of a unit(human/female) wearing a House(Cannith) ring, but not decayed—showing the lack of decomposition evident throughout the Country(Mournland). The woman also possesses an item (Scroll: resist energy) and a pouch with some spell components.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 3-o’clock and opens another passageway.

Following this passageway, the team finds storage areas with an active spell(unseen servant) acting to sort and fold towels, sheets, blankets, clothing, and other assorted materials.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 1-o’clock and opens another passageway.

Charring along the corridor indicates some sort of fire damage. Proceeding with caution, the party opens a door and finds a spell (Flaming Sphere) rolling towards it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Flaming Sphere
Spell(Flaming Sphere)→ Potential Type(LIVING SPELL)/ Knowledge: unknown → Respond to environmental factors →Fire countered by Cold

This unit activates an infusion{rapid}, adding effect(Frost) to item(Morningstar). Unit(Garrick) follows suit, also enchanting his weapon. Unit(Dembe) reaches into the item(Handy Haversack) and withdraws the item(Mace +1). The hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) barrels towards the party as unit(Drew Graves) readies an item(waterskin).

This unit attempts to engage the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere), but misses, stepping aside to make room for the others. Unit(Garrick)steps in and strikes the hostile unit. Unit(Dembe) attempts to bull rush the hostile unit and bounces off it, stumbling but recovering before falling prone [ACTION POINT]. The hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) surges forward, engulfing unit(Dembe). Unit(Drew Graves) sprays it with water from his flask.

This unit moves in as the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) attempts to disengage from unit(Dembe) and strikes it with item(Morningstar: infused >Frost), destroying the type(Living Spell).

The room itself is burned and shows no evidence of anything surviving inside with the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere). Next door, in a room with a pool, is body. Searching it, the team discovers a coin pouch (5 sp, 3 gp) and an item(brown gem key).

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 11-o’clock and opens another passageway.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Trail of Blood
Trail = dragged body→ On guard and ready for hostile unit

The trail leads to three rooms at the end of the path. The right door is locked, but opens with item(brown gem key).Within, there is a bed, chest, a pair of swords, a shield with the seal of House(Cannith), as well as other assorted personal items. The chest is locked. This unit uses (infusion_designate:Skill item = open locks @ self) and, using lockpicks, takes two minutes to assure safe opening. The chest contains items(25pp; oval bloodstone gem; vial {silversheen}; 2 vials {magic weapon}; red gem key). An examination of the swords and shield identify the swords, long and great, as masterwork weapons. The blood trail does not enter this room and the party returns to the hall.

Entering the second door, we find the cause of the blood trail.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Giant Wolf chewing body
Giant Wolf = potential hostile unit/ready to engage

Before the team can respond to the wolf’s presence, it does the unexpected: it steps back and speaks. The unit (Speaking Giant Wolf) identifies itself as (name_designate@Rawrza) and says she remembers nothing of her life before waking up here some time ago, though she does know that the humans used to take care of her {QUERY: Contradiction?}. She mentions wishing to see outside. She tells us she has been living here with two other wolves in the third room, but that only she can speak. Through discussion, she reveals that she knows of another threat—a construct-wolf in the southern part of the complex. She gives the team an item(green gem key) when the team agrees to face the construct-wolf. Unit(Rawrza) wants team to confront wolf and free other wolves that construct-wolf is holding captive, returning them to her. She promises a magic item if this task is completed.

In response to unit(Rawrza)’s howls, the two wolves in the third room watch the team warily as we enter and examine it—there is a water pool much like the team found on the other side in the room and it is clear this is the den of the three wolves that reside in this area.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (green gem key) into the central column in the socket at 4-o’clock and opens another passageway.

This passageway descends slightly, ending in another spherical chamber with a control panel in the middle. This panel has five sockets: red at Center, green to NW, orange to NE, Purple to SW, and yellow to SE. As the party has none of the appropriate color keys except red, the team decides to return and try a different path.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (green gem key) into the central column in the socket at 8-o’clock and opens another passageway.

This passage also descends into a spherical chamber with a control panel, but with sockets the team has keys to match. There are only four sockets: yellow to NW, blue to NE, green to SW, and orange to SE. As the party has an item(green gem key) which we used to reach this spot, we insert it into the green gem socket and the room turns again, opening a path to the southwest.

As the new passage opens and the team follows it forward, a low growling sound is heard. As the party enters a larger area, perhaps a common area of the facility(Whitehearth), a half-wolf/half-stone creature rushes out and attacks unit(Dembe), disabling him instantly.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Hostile Unit(Wolf-Construct)
Hostile unit = construct = optimal (infusion: inflict damage) target
Unit(Dembe) disabled = loss of potential damage = team threat
Team threat > Hostile Unit

Garrick moves forward, engaging the creature after casting a spell(spell_designate@divine: Blade of Pain and Fear), enraging the hostile unit. This unit steps over to unit(Dembe) and activates infusion(infusion_designate@repair light damage =unit {Dembe}), reactivating team member. The hostile unit(stone wolf) surges at unit(Garrick), striking him and causing an effect(slow) on that unit. Unit (Drew_Graves) activates the Dragonmark(Aberrant) that he manifested crossing the mists, activating a spell(spell_designate@arcane: Shield) and moves to a safer position.

Unit(Dembe) surges back into action, striking the hostile unit(stone wolf), which did not expect to face that unit again. Unit(Garrick) is successful in controlling his spell and strikes the hostile unit as well. This unit activates its final infusion for the day (infusion_designate@inflict moderate damage @hostile unit {stone wolf}) and is successful in touching the hostile unit, causing serious damage throughout its construct-form. The hostile unit(stone wolf) turns to face this unit, missing it.

Unit(Dembe) and unit(Garrick) engage the hostile unit further, unit(Dembe) drawing away its attention while unit(Garrick) destroyed it.

A pack of wolves, many of them younger, emerge from hiding. The team allows them to take our scent, and the pack recognizes the scent of the female unit(Rawrza). Searching the room, the team finds item(bloodstone brooch jewelry) and item(orange gem key).

After a brief discussion, the team leads the wolf-pack back to unit(Rawrza), who rewards the team with an item(pearl of power, 1st level). This unit is under the impression she would also like to be lead out of the confines of the facility(Whitehearth) when we find what we are looking for. The team paused again in the first control panel chamber.

KEYS POSSESSED: Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Orange
KEYS MISSING: Yellow, Purple



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