Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Shut in Dromdal Manor

Vardrag POV

Main Points:
-Joined adventuring company
-Agreed to protect family
-Investigated house
-Gardakan dies
-Defeated Peck & Lady Auraluna Dromdal

Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram
Vardrag Duumfel
Ariane Xiphus

My arrival in this city has brought much needed work. It took only a few days before a goblin offered me a deal. I’d have to follow him to meet a group that I would be working with. I did of course and listened to them squabble. They were overly concerned with talking and after twenty minutes we were given our task.

We were to defend a small mansion in this cities noble district. The owner in particular and her guests. Lady something or another was a crippled old woman about as wealthy as I’d expect. Her daughter, Butler, and dog all acted strangely.

That first night I stood guard outside and heard some noises coming from inside. I was pretty sure that one of the other guards were. . . taking care of the daughters needs. Then again maybe it was a warforged and the dog. I can never tell with those chunks of metal.

A day or two later our employer held a small party. While the guests were distracted I searched the butler’s room. The room was a mess but held the names of many aristocrats, nobles, and rich merchants all written on papers. With a killer out in town slicing just such people up I copied a few names down and showed the others. No one recognized them as any of the victims.

The fourth day came and we searched the mansion. We noticed blood on the floor near the elevator and we looked inside only to find a cave of all things. After a forty five minute discussion we alerted the cripple and entered the cave. It was here we found our true task.

The mage got eatin.

We battled this creature for a minute and slew it with sword and arrow. Nearby a few stone faces were growing out of the wall. Our shapeshifter asked if they had seen the butler or the cripple. They screamed in terror at the sight of our employer. Thus we headed back upstairs to check on everything.

I cannot protect my task against an entire cities guard. That said I wouldn’t care to turn her in either. It simply isn’t my job to. When she fired a spell in my direction though she broke our contract. Dumb witch.

I ducked behind a wall and leaned out to loose an arrow. It struck true right in her companion. Not my best shot but at least it hit its mark. Her companion looked oddly similar to what the slicer had been described as. Hello bounty! Tough bastard didn’t want to go down but with much help we managed to drop him. The cripple surrendered.

Total haul? 243gp and 2sp



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