Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Welcome to the Rumble in the Jungle

Masakan POV

Main Points:
-Accepted mission into King’s Forest
-Met Melvin Oakley
-Encountered Jungle Boys
-Retrieve Item needed to cure illness

Garrick Hintram

We finally go back from our last mission….turns out that Khyber Dragonshard was worth more then i thought. I still didn’t appreciate what hone did, and am worried how this is going to bite us later, but whats done is done. On the plus side it means i got some free time now that i basically get a free pass from my goblin studies.

As I was walking along the streets of Sharn a kid was passing out newspapers, i decided to be a good sport and give him a full gold coin, sovereigns knows he needs it more then I do. Apparently a guy named the swan street slicer has been causing trouble in the richer areas of sharn, price for being rich i suppose.
Not everyone likes those that are successful.

A few hours later i got a message from hone, told me it was urgent and to get there as quickly as I could. Apparently a young adult got hit with a horrible disease his old man contracted during the last war. He managed to get himself cured of it, but his wife and son contracted it likely from his clothing.
The wife was already dead, and the son only had a week he couldn’t bear to see his son go too. Eventually we all agreed to help, knowing we would get relatively little out of it.

I couldn’t exactly have a dead kid on my conscious if there was something i knew i could do about it. We set off to kings forest to look for a wooding jaguar and its liver.

Once we made our way there we were met with a blockade, telling us to wait until the jungle bois were taken care of. I didn’t know who they were but naturally we simply didn’t have the time to wait and eventually found a way around. Following a sacked caravan, an annoying little twerp we didn’t have time to waste on, and a bunch of stick monsters. We thought things were going smoothly until we ran into thejungle bois themselves, they told us to surrender.
Naturally the other 2 were ready to fight, but considering we were basically outnumbered 8-1 they reluctantly decided to oblige them.

I was already trying to think of a way out when suddenly sounds of fighting filled the air, the same guys that blocked our way in came in and saved us. Told us to look for our things and tried to kill their leader. We were in a pretty tight situation, stuck with weapons we weren’t remotely familiar with, and kind of in an outnumbered spot. but we really didn’t have much of a choice. Could a few painful arrows to the back, almost being pummeled by an orc, and having my 2 companions being knocked out, we somehow lasted long enough for the guys who saved us to come in and help again. On a side note, during that chaos and literally shaking hands with death…something just clicked inside me it was a weird feeling and honestly i didn’t have time to sort it out, i had to keep fighting.

On one hand they were pissed that we undermined them…on the other hand if we didn’t they never would have found their target. So after exchanging some pleasantries, thanking them for helping us out, they sent us on our way to find the woodling jaguar while they cleaned up the rest of the jungle bois.
And we finally found what we were looking for…which turned out to be more annoying then anything compared to what we just went through. As well as this crazy druid whom if he was remotely serious could have wiped us in an instant. Thankfully he was batshit insane so he didn’t bother us THAT much.

All i remember him saying was “Beware the gold” or something like that….ANYWAY job well done the guy is saved, and then a goblin comes at us with a proposal to make an adventurers guild. I decided to let the other 2 handle the details i needed to try something at the academy.

3 hours later:…..HAHAHAHA! I don’t know what happened! maybe being in multiple life threatening situations unlocked something. But i finally figured out how to use magic…and i suddenly feel a lot more confident. Lets just hope it doesnt end up making me arrogant.
Oh man i can’t wait to tell the others.



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