Ariane Xiphus

A humanoid with milk white hair, eyes, and skin. Her chin has a large scar.


Race: Changling
Birthplace: Frostford
Date of Birth: 976
Age: 22
Status: Alive
Occupation:Con-Artist, Adventurer
Known Allies: The Party
Known Enemies:
Last Known Location: Sharn


Ariane was raised as the foster child of an aging apothecary owner in a rural village in northern Karrnath. She doesn’t know the identity of her true parents, and her foster mother was loathe to speak of them, and so Ariane let the topic slide. Although the stereotypical view of small villages would be that they would harass someone like Ariane, with her nondescript and pale changeling features, but the opposite happened. Ariane was well loved and, even before developing the ability to shapechange, was quite popular with other children. However, like most kids, especially children of outcasts, she had her fair share of bullies. Her parting with her home town was relatively calm: after her aging foster mother passed away, Ariane said her goodbyes and left her town in search of larger cities and bigger adventure.

Ariane Xiphus

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