Aubreck Drallion

He keeps his iron-gray hair pulled back in a short tail, and his mustache is neatly tended


Race: Human
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 934
Age: 64
Status: Alive
Occupation: Merchant
Known Allies: The Party
Known Enemies:
First Encountered: Session 5, Sharn
Last Known Location:


The merchant prince Aubreck Drallion once stood among the city’s richest men.
His ships Sailed the sea, daring pirate raids, aquatic monsters, and storm tossed
oceans to carry goods across the world. Aubreck’s trade fleet was among the largest most prosperous of its kind. Yet perhaps Aubreck’s success came too fast and too easily. While his profits eventually plateaued, his ambition kept expanding. When his contacts in the Shadow Marshes reported that he could monopolize trade in several spices and rare herbs by offering a cache of magical items to a powerful native shaman, he leaped at the dunce. He sold off many of his assets overnight to purchase the required items and loaded them aboard Emperor of The Waves, the foremost ship in his fleet. His entire fortunes sailed with the great ship. But fate was cruel, and Emperor of The Waves disappeared. A storm separated the ship from her escort, leaving her final location unknown. Devastated by the financial loss. Aubreck became a simple merchant. He never again regained his glory, and many potential business partners saw his disastrous failure as a sign of hubris and even divine retribution. He hired the party once his ship appeared again and requested that they receive a chest from it. Although he was disappointed that they were unsuccessful the first time he was ultimately grateful in the end when they retrieved it.

Aubreck Drallion

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