A warforged stands before you, it wears a scarf with the red and gold.


Race: Warforged
Birthplace: Cragwar
Date of Birth: 993
Age: 5
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Q’nchas
Occupation: Tribesman, Adventurer
Known Allies:
Known Enemies:
Last Known Location: Sharn

Dembe is a warforged who has adopted the ways of a small barbaric tribe he now the sole surviving member seeks answers.


Dembe fought briefly in the last was but abandonned by unit after an injury.  Dembe decided to stay and embrace the ’barbarian’ lifestyle. The halflings and orcs were all valuable individuals in the community and taught it to cooperate and to provide for others and expect from others and respect itself. But the war destroys all and eventually they came for It. The Dagger River, the main source of water for the commune, carried the dark disease. Every organic member of its tribe fell ill. and in the end, only he remained. Now in Sharn he seeks vengeance on behalf of his tribe.


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