Gardakan d'Cannith

A man with fancy garments and an aura of nobility


Race: Humans
Birthplace: Metrol
Date of Birth: 976
Age: 22
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: House Cannith
Occupation: Noble Heir, Student, Adventurer
Known Allies: The Party
Known Enemies: The Blades
Last Known Location: Sharn

A 22 Cannith heir and Morgrave university student. He is zelously loyal to House Cannith and will do next anything to see them prosper. Studying at university of Morgrave and he’s trying to raise money to hire people to explore the Mournland.


Gardakan lost most of his family including his wife during the Mourning. He’s moved on and decided to channel his loss into his work. Shortly after signing a contract to work for Skakan he accepted a mission as protection in Dromdal manor. The party discovered something that was amiss in an underground shaft and was attacked by a deathdog which ended up slaying Gardakan.

Gardakan d'Cannith

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