Garrick Hintram

A man with shaggy gold hair clothed in armor. His hands & eyes glow as he recites a strange tounge


Race: Hu-man
Birthplace: Atur
Date of Birth: 973
Age: 25
Status: Alive
Occupation: Priest, Adventurer
Known Allies:
Known Enemies: The Jungle Boys
Last Known Location: Sharn

Warrior patriot priest Garrick is a man who is all of these things. Although he can be cruel he is loyal to a fault.


Garrick was born in Karrnath, an only child into an common middle class family. His mother died in childbirth in the year 973 on the outskirts of Atur. Like most men, His father was an active soldier, not present for most his childhood. Garrick was raised by a small group of priests along with several other children, either war orphans or those with similar circumstances. As such, he was shown the ideals of the Blood of Vol from a very early age. He carries the core beliefs of self-determination, self-sufficiency, and the divinity inherent in individual life closer than any allegiance. At 16, he begun his formal military training, as all men did, and at 19 began his military service. Garrick’s mandatory 2 years of service ended right after the Day of Mourning, and he couldn’t wait to free of it. Garrick had always resented the King for banning the public worship of his faith, and hated being forced to fight and maybe die on someone else’s orders. Although he is still very much a Karrnathi patriot. Garrick is proud of his nations history and shares the people’s common opinions on other nations; a side effect of his time in the army. Since his entry into the military, he hasn’t heard from his father; who may very well be dead, but that is of little concern to Garrick. Now 23, Garrick travels to find purpose for his life in the short-term; and of course to search for a greater understanding of life, blood, and what will his path to immortality. His most significant personal connections are to the faithful left in the Crimson Monastery in Atur, and while he may still pick a fight with a soldier from Thrane, Garrick has no political ties or interests.

Garrick Hintram

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