This unit carries around several scrolls and alchemic componets


Race: Warforged
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 994
Age: 4
Status: Alive
Affiliation: House Cannith, The Party
Occupation: Craftsman, Adventurer
Known Allies: The Party
Known Enemies: The Jungle Boys
Last Known Location: Sharn

A Cannith bred warforged Hone is both naïve and quick-witted, he is skilled in using the Long Spear and the Light Crossbow, as well as a multitude of spells. Honor love and friendship are foreign concepts to Hone however he does seem to value life which was evident in how he save the blue in the temple and Rupert in the Blackbones. Hone is curious about other cities in Khorvaire as well as the unexplored lands of Xendrick, doubly so considering rumors of an elder race of warforged giants that may have existed there. However Hone is not at present equipped or skilled enough to engage in such long-range exploration independently.


Hone was “born” four years ago from the House Cannith creation forges. He was one of twelve designed as a an investigative unit to examine the changes wrought by the transformation of Cyre to the Mournland. Hone served for three years inside the House Cannith forges as a crafter and was never dispatched due to the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold.


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