Scrawny male in late twenties wearing a black hat and overcoat


Race: Human
Birthplace: Cragwar
Date of Birth: 970
Age: 28
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Morgrave University, The Party
Occupation: Student, Adventurer
Known Allies: The Party
Known Enemies: The Jungle Boys
Last Known Location: Sharn

Generally he respects the sovereign Host and the silver flame, but for the most part his view on religion is indifferent, as long as it doesn’t impede on the will of others. Mazakan is frank, cautious & sarcastic(which caused him to clash with Valenthye on occasion)

He wishes the travel, after the outcome of the war it was painfully clear how little he really knew, so he wants to get out and see and understand as much as he can, and if he can help people along the way? All the better. He will play nice and not cause any trouble with authority, but generally a person must earn respect before demanding it, that’s his belief. And those who would use their power and influence to take advantage of others is deplorable. If he can avoid killing he will, but if he has to he won’t hesitate.

He’s familiar with multiple alchemist devices, and has utilized alchemist fire but for the most part he sticks to his rapier or any light and easily maneuverable weapons as part of his training in the sublime way. He is outright refuses to kill someone who is unable to fight back, there is just little point in doing so. He is not without restraint, if someone surrenders he will yield, as he believes that it’s both wise and honorable to know when you are beaten.


He was born in sharn well during the apex of the last war 970 YK to be precice. He had a rather humble life generally enjoying life in the middle city, while frequenting between the upper and lower areas.

While the war was indeed a big issue, and he did care about those effected by it, ultimately it wasn’t Sharn’s problem and opted for a stance of neutrality save if one of the 5 nations started trouble a stance he supported.

His mother was a very avid warrior and specializes in the art of the Dhakaani fighting styles, his father a gifted wizard and alchemist.


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