A haggard halfling with a bloody razor in hand


Aliases: Swan Street Slicer
Race: Halfling
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 971
Age: 27
Status: Incarcerated
Occupation: Serial Killer
Known Allies: Lady Auraluna Dromdal
Known Enemies: Victor Saint-Demain, The Party
First Encountered: Session 4(Mentioned), Sharn
Last Known Location:


A cast-off youth raised on the streets and left to fend for himself from a young age, Peck either never learned or simple lacks the facilities to speak. Happenstance led Peck to Lady Auraluna Dromdal only weeks after her daughter‘s marriage, at a time when she felt most abandoned by her daughter’s departure. Treating the youthful-looking halfling vagabond as if he were something between a favorite pet and a new doll, Ladv Dromdal took Peck in and amused herself dressing him up until her disgusted husband tried to kick bun out. Lord Dromdal’s resultant murder at Peck’s jittery hands only further ingratiated the unstable halfling to the old woman, who had long since grown tired of her simpering husband. Eager for her further attention, Peck performed any task the aged spinster requested, no matter how depraved, and mentally ill was at her call that he became the Swan Street Slicer. Peck soon gained citywide infamy as he murdered anyone that Auraluna wold ask. Eventually he was caught by Victor Saint-Demain shortly after murdering Ceseli’s husband. However he escaped and began working on Auraluna’s behalf again. Once the party found out that Auraluna was behind numerous kidnappings when they went to confront her she was ready with Peck by her side. After they defeated them both Peck was locked away in Hell’s Heart, an insane asylum.


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