Bogar Nask

Broad-shouldered and thick-chested with a rugged face


Aliases: Tree Viper
Race: Half-Orc
Birthplace: Zilspar
Date of Birth: 969
Age: 29
Status: Alive, Incarcerated
Affiliation: Jungle Boys
Occupation: Outlaw
Known Allies: Ofif Tageto
Known Enemies: The Party, Knight Rangers
First Encountered: King’s Forest
Last Known Location: King’s Forest


The party briefly encountered Tree Viper in the King’s Forest after they were captured. He offered them to join the Jungle Boys and escaped when the Knight Rangers raided his base. Two weeks later Tree Viper was captured and brought to Wroat by Melvin Oakley apparently he was a veteran of the last war

Bogar Nask

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