A scared face stares at you with anger in his eyes


Race: Human
Birthplace: Eldeen Reaches
Date of Birth: 976
Age: 22
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Children of Winter
Occupation: Prophet
Known Allies:
Known Enemies: Breland, Brom Streambucket
First Encountered: Sharn
Last Known Location: Sharn


Verath is a charismatic Child of Winter druid who has been preaching in the streets about the doom that will befall Sharn. He was imprisoned under suspicion of murder although he was innocent of those crimes. The party paid his bail so that he could lead them to the location of where the Crawling Lord was. After they demanded he accompany them he tried to escape but was knocked unconscious by Dembe. The party left him outside but upon return found that he had been dragged away.


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