Wolgar Windrune

An eccentric dwarf with bright red hair surrounding his face


Aliases: Blowfish
Race: Dwarf
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 852
Age: 146
Occupation: Sailor
Known Allies: The Party, Sergeant Dolom Windrune
Known Enemies:
Status: Alive
First Encountered: , Sharn
Last Known Location: , Sharn


Given the nickname “Blowfish” because of his boastful manor and booming voice Wolgar severed in the Brelish navy during the last war. Wolgar claims that you will never find a better captain than him in any waters. Wheither this is true or not one thin is certain is that Wolgar is highly skilled in sailing and navigation to the point that his services are competitive with the half-elves of House Lyrandar. Wolgar also has a brother who is on the City Watch whom he constantly teases for his stoic mannerisms.

Wolgar Windrune

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