Eberron: Dawn of Heroes

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 3
Drew/Hone POV

Main Points
-Found the hatch to Whitehearth
-Met talking wolf survivors who asked them to defeat an evil wolf golem which the party did


Today we went to a Cave, Cannith places. Full of those weird challenge with colored key. Then, after fighting fire wich I’m sure I killed by throwing water at it. We found talking wolves . . . Those shit were nice, I’m still trying to convince them to join us, Between the two walking armors, the face changing women/man/thing and death that can’t reach me, it would be a great adition to the group.


Internal Memory Storage
(Game Session 10: Saturday, 08 October 2016)

Time Stamp (0840/0998-Nym-26-Zor)
Location Stamp
(/country_designate@Mournland) (village_designate@Whitehearth) (facility_designate@Whitehearth)

Following engagement with hostile unit (big_crab), unit(Ariane) returns to unit(Failin) beyond the mists with a large collection of unnecessary equipment while unit (Dembe) returned to active team status.

Proceeding to follow the map directions from location(Rose Quary), an entrance in the indicated location is found, bearing the mark of House(Cannith) on its crossbeam. Before proceeding downward, a creature swoops downward towards the team.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Airborne incoming
Processing….Inbound flier/form indicates potentially type(undead). Preparing to respond when attacked….

The hostile unit (identified: zombie_vulture) swoops down on Dembe, who makes short work of the avian, cutting it down before it can fly away. The team organizes, prepares item(everbright_lantern), and enters the passages.

Within the caverns, four hatches are found, but no other units of any kind are encountered.
The team selects a hatch and uses the item(blue sapphire key) to open the hatch, revealing a ladder down. Unit (Dembe) descends and examines the area, which is shielded by some magical darkness screen. Returning, unit(Dembe) informs the team of a spherical chamber with a central pillar with colored sockets. The team descends to examine.

The central pillar includes 5 blue sockets, 2 green sockets, and 2 brown sockets. After some discussion, the item(blue sapphire key) is inserted into one of the blue sockets and turned. The spherical chamber spins, the entrance from above turning to open towards the party’s 9-o’clock, the same as the socket originally turned.

Proceeding through the open hallway, the party discovers offices, with the body of a unit(human/female) wearing a House(Cannith) ring, but not decayed—showing the lack of decomposition evident throughout the Country(Mournland). The woman also possesses an item (Scroll: resist energy) and a pouch with some spell components.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 3-o’clock and opens another passageway.

Following this passageway, the team finds storage areas with an active spell(unseen servant) acting to sort and fold towels, sheets, blankets, clothing, and other assorted materials.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 1-o’clock and opens another passageway.

Charring along the corridor indicates some sort of fire damage. Proceeding with caution, the party opens a door and finds a spell (Flaming Sphere) rolling towards it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Flaming Sphere
Spell(Flaming Sphere)→ Potential Type(LIVING SPELL)/ Knowledge: unknown → Respond to environmental factors →Fire countered by Cold

This unit activates an infusion{rapid}, adding effect(Frost) to item(Morningstar). Unit(Garrick) follows suit, also enchanting his weapon. Unit(Dembe) reaches into the item(Handy Haversack) and withdraws the item(Mace +1). The hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) barrels towards the party as unit(Drew Graves) readies an item(waterskin).

This unit attempts to engage the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere), but misses, stepping aside to make room for the others. Unit(Garrick)steps in and strikes the hostile unit. Unit(Dembe) attempts to bull rush the hostile unit and bounces off it, stumbling but recovering before falling prone [ACTION POINT]. The hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) surges forward, engulfing unit(Dembe). Unit(Drew Graves) sprays it with water from his flask.

This unit moves in as the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere) attempts to disengage from unit(Dembe) and strikes it with item(Morningstar: infused >Frost), destroying the type(Living Spell).

The room itself is burned and shows no evidence of anything surviving inside with the hostile unit(Flaming Sphere). Next door, in a room with a pool, is body. Searching it, the team discovers a coin pouch (5 sp, 3 gp) and an item(brown gem key).

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (blue sapphire key) into the central column in the socket at 11-o’clock and opens another passageway.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Trail of Blood
Trail = dragged body→ On guard and ready for hostile unit

The trail leads to three rooms at the end of the path. The right door is locked, but opens with item(brown gem key).Within, there is a bed, chest, a pair of swords, a shield with the seal of House(Cannith), as well as other assorted personal items. The chest is locked. This unit uses (infusion_designate:Skill item = open locks @ self) and, using lockpicks, takes two minutes to assure safe opening. The chest contains items(25pp; oval bloodstone gem; vial {silversheen}; 2 vials {magic weapon}; red gem key). An examination of the swords and shield identify the swords, long and great, as masterwork weapons. The blood trail does not enter this room and the party returns to the hall.

Entering the second door, we find the cause of the blood trail.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Giant Wolf chewing body
Giant Wolf = potential hostile unit/ready to engage

Before the team can respond to the wolf’s presence, it does the unexpected: it steps back and speaks. The unit (Speaking Giant Wolf) identifies itself as (name_designate@Rawrza) and says she remembers nothing of her life before waking up here some time ago, though she does know that the humans used to take care of her {QUERY: Contradiction?}. She mentions wishing to see outside. She tells us she has been living here with two other wolves in the third room, but that only she can speak. Through discussion, she reveals that she knows of another threat—a construct-wolf in the southern part of the complex. She gives the team an item(green gem key) when the team agrees to face the construct-wolf. Unit(Rawrza) wants team to confront wolf and free other wolves that construct-wolf is holding captive, returning them to her. She promises a magic item if this task is completed.

In response to unit(Rawrza)’s howls, the two wolves in the third room watch the team warily as we enter and examine it—there is a water pool much like the team found on the other side in the room and it is clear this is the den of the three wolves that reside in this area.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (green gem key) into the central column in the socket at 4-o’clock and opens another passageway.

This passageway descends slightly, ending in another spherical chamber with a control panel in the middle. This panel has five sockets: red at Center, green to NW, orange to NE, Purple to SW, and yellow to SE. As the party has none of the appropriate color keys except red, the team decides to return and try a different path.

Finding nothing else of interest or indicative of the location of the item(schema) that we seek, the team returns to the center room, inserts the item (green gem key) into the central column in the socket at 8-o’clock and opens another passageway.

This passage also descends into a spherical chamber with a control panel, but with sockets the team has keys to match. There are only four sockets: yellow to NW, blue to NE, green to SW, and orange to SE. As the party has an item(green gem key) which we used to reach this spot, we insert it into the green gem socket and the room turns again, opening a path to the southwest.

As the new passage opens and the team follows it forward, a low growling sound is heard. As the party enters a larger area, perhaps a common area of the facility(Whitehearth), a half-wolf/half-stone creature rushes out and attacks unit(Dembe), disabling him instantly.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Hostile Unit(Wolf-Construct)
Hostile unit = construct = optimal (infusion: inflict damage) target
Unit(Dembe) disabled = loss of potential damage = team threat
Team threat > Hostile Unit

Garrick moves forward, engaging the creature after casting a spell(spell_designate@divine: Blade of Pain and Fear), enraging the hostile unit. This unit steps over to unit(Dembe) and activates infusion(infusion_designate@repair light damage =unit {Dembe}), reactivating team member. The hostile unit(stone wolf) surges at unit(Garrick), striking him and causing an effect(slow) on that unit. Unit (Drew_Graves) activates the Dragonmark(Aberrant) that he manifested crossing the mists, activating a spell(spell_designate@arcane: Shield) and moves to a safer position.

Unit(Dembe) surges back into action, striking the hostile unit(stone wolf), which did not expect to face that unit again. Unit(Garrick) is successful in controlling his spell and strikes the hostile unit as well. This unit activates its final infusion for the day (infusion_designate@inflict moderate damage @hostile unit {stone wolf}) and is successful in touching the hostile unit, causing serious damage throughout its construct-form. The hostile unit(stone wolf) turns to face this unit, missing it.

Unit(Dembe) and unit(Garrick) engage the hostile unit further, unit(Dembe) drawing away its attention while unit(Garrick) destroyed it.

A pack of wolves, many of them younger, emerge from hiding. The team allows them to take our scent, and the pack recognizes the scent of the female unit(Rawrza). Searching the room, the team finds item(bloodstone brooch jewelry) and item(orange gem key).

After a brief discussion, the team leads the wolf-pack back to unit(Rawrza), who rewards the team with an item(pearl of power, 1st level). This unit is under the impression she would also like to be lead out of the confines of the facility(Whitehearth) when we find what we are looking for. The team paused again in the first control panel chamber.

KEYS POSSESSED: Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Orange
KEYS MISSING: Yellow, Purple

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 2
Drew POV

Main points

Party fought & defeated mooks
Swimmer died
Swimmer came back from the dead and took identity of fallen solider Drew Graves
Party explored deserted Rose Quarry & discovered map to Whitehearth
Party entered the Mournland Garrick and Drew manifested dragonmarks

Damned, I died, but not really. Those scumbags couldn’t do the job properly. Sadly the creppy changeling cut my finger off. what is her problem? I should have make her eat it. Then we went to the mournland and there something bad happen, something woke in me. I believe I have the power of a dragnomark in me. It made me sturdier and I understand thing I didn’t understand before. We saw wolves, or big dog, that were dead for a while but attacked us. It feel so . . . so . . . memorable, not the attack but the mournland, walking on fresh dead body, it is different, not refreshing but different than walking on the beach. Strangely enough we find the same thing in a mountain of dead body than in a day at the beach, Crab! We broke it again and again and again. It deserved only to be broken and if someone fixe it we’ll brake it again. Stupid scumbcrab. In the end, I think I found out who I am, I’m Drew Grave! The man that came back from the grave!

Shadows of the Last War Pt. 1
Drew POV

Main Points

*Sailed to Rhukaan Draal attacked during journey
*Met with contact Falin who agreed to take the characters to Rose Quarry
*In Rose Quarry agents of the Emerald Claw were discovered and the party engaged

Ouff, those few day were so hard. The tavern where I lived was so crappy even gobelin could come in. Then this gobelin tell me that I have to help those that saved my life. Poor them, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with me. I went on a boat with them. I saw two warforged and one that don’t stopc hanging his face, those will make for interesting carving. Then we get attack, on our boat, people hate us so much already that they didn’t want us to stay too long in korrenburg. Sadly I didn’t receive what I deserved in this fight. There was a breathing thing that dryed my wine, that was awful. After a few day of being sick at sea we finaly reached the putrid nation of dargun. After a mean guy forced us to fight his own battle, he brought us where we wanted. And now, our plan failed and we have to fight, so many people, and I’m tired. and there is so many of them. Aaaaa life is awful.

Cliffside Roach Motel

Main Points:
-Renegotiate contract
-Agreed to find missing girl
-Freed Verath who’s unconscious body was moved
-Defeated Siz’xak
-Met Lady Elaydren d’Cannith who was killed by Hone-5

Garrick Hintram
Ariane Xiphus

A Salvage Operation
Hone POV

Main Points:
-Took on misson to Emperor of Waves
-Found stranger in shipwreck
-Met Wolgar Windrune
-Searched ship
-Defeated Krell Grohlg and returned items

Garrick Hintram
Vardrag Duumfel
Ariane Xiphus

Hone’s Log
Internal Memory Storage
(Game Session 6: Saturday, 03 September 2016)
Time Stamp (1400/0998-Dravago-17-Zol)
{24 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp
(/tavern_designate@Salty Donk Tavern) (tower_designate@Seventh Tower) (district_designate@Downstairs) (ward_designate@Lower Menthis)

All units present for previous contract( Guard House Dromdol) are also present for pre-arranged meeting with unit(Skakan). He is waiting for us with two others, one (race_designate@ human)(age_designate@old) he introduces as (name_designate@Aubreck) and the other is identified as unit(Aubreck)’s (race_designate@half-orc)(position_designate@butler).

Unit (Aubreck) explains that he was ruined thirteen years ago by sending an expedition of ships to (country_designate@ Shadow Marches) in the hopes of acquiring (item_designate@dragonshards). The ships were lost, presumed sunken or captured, and he has fallen on hard times since then. However, recently, some miles out to sea, a single ship bearing the markings of his former ships has been found. Unit (Aubreck) wishes (team_designate@The Company) to sail out to said ship, search it for a metal box, and return the box to him [see details in (contract_designate@Acquire Box)]. For this task, unit (Aubreck) offers a ride about a sailing ship to the ghost ship and back and pays each unit of team(The Company) 100 gold pieces upfront and a promise of 100 gp when the box is returned, with the right of salvage for anything else of value upon the ship.

(cash_on_hand +100 gp; new total cash_on_hand =522.6gp)
{OOC- We’ve already gotten this money at the END of Adventure 5, so we’d already received the up-front 100…]

Team(The Company) agrees to the contract. Unit(Skakan) mentions having a guildhouse ready for our return from this contract.
This unit experiencing unknown feelings related to new contract.

Accessing internal dictionary….
This unit is experiencing (emotion_designate@reticence) at concept of sailing into deep water, with first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of race(warforged) swimming. In deep water, this unit is well aware that pressure is as likely to destroy a unit as inhaled water is to destroy most flesh-borne. This unit seeks potential resources and information to alleviate (emotion) reticence.
In (district_designate@XXX), this unit discovers and purchases an (item_designate@float bladder) to use in case it falls into deep water. Unit(Hone) also purchases other equipment (item_designate@sack; item_designate@pouch,belt) to supplement preparations for contract(Acquire Box).

(cash_expenditures -11.1 gp; new total cash_on_hand =511.5gp)

Time Stamp (0500/0998-Dravago-18-Wir)
{24 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp
This unit purchases a newspaper on the way to the meeting.

(cash_expenditures -2 sp; new total cash_on_hand =511.3gp)

Team(The Company) meets unit(Skakan) and unit(Aubreck) in (district_designate@Cliffside) to take the lifts down to the docks, where all units board (ship_designate@Soul of Winter). Ship(Soul of Winter) is under command of (Unit_designate@Woogar Windrune) (race_designate@dwarf) (gender_designate@male) (position_designate@captain, identifiable by a red beard and blue sailing apparel.

Once all are aboard and sail is set, Unit(Captain Woogar) indicates he anticipates smooth sailing. Anticipated travel time is 2.5 days, so round-trip is anticipated to be 5 days.

Under sail, unit(Aubreck) provides an assortment of gear: 2 light crossbows, 40 bolts, 5 coils of 50-ft rope, 2 grappling hooks, 12 torches, 12 tindertwigs, 6 alchemist fires, 6 antitoxins, Potion (Cure Moderate Wounds), 6 sacks for treasure.

Time Stamp (2040/0998-Dravago-18-Wir)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Soul of Winter)

Unit(Aubreck) invites the party to an evening of drinks on the deck, offering all, even this unit and unit(Dembe) portions of his dwarven ale reserved since travels to the (country_designate@Morr Holds). Unit(Aubreck) informs team(The Company) that the ship we will be boarding was called (ship_designate@Emperor of the Waves) and indicates his surprise it is still around. He indicates that the ship(Emperor of the Waves) is apparently stuck on a reef, having been seaworthy, but unclear whether it drifted onto the reef or sailed there. Reports are that it appears to be stable for the time being at least.

Time Stamp (1430/0998-Dravago-19-Zor)
The lookouts spot a wrecked ship that has collided with the cliffs that border the river in to city(Sharn).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Wrecked ship!

Unknown damage/ unknown cause/ unknown potential threat > assess threat

A small boat is dispatched and the team(The Company) volunteers to search the wreckage. Only one survivor, (race_designate@human) (gender_designate@male), is located. Said survivor possesses no identification papers. That survivor is unconscious and remains so for the next several days until the return to city( Sharn).

Time Stamp (1930/0998-Dravago-19-Zor)

Apparently not to be outdone, unit(Captain Woogar) invites team(The Company) to share his grog. He spends a good time cursing the nationality(Karnathi), nationality (Aundarian), and nationality(Thrane), declaring loudly his effectiveness serving in the (military_designate@Brelish Navy). Unit(Garrick) seems nonplused by the discussion and moves away.

Unit(Captain Woogar) indicates he is related to unit(Sergeant Dolom), who the team met on our earliest excursion—he was the guard who responded to unit(Gardakan)’s call after we found remains(Bonal Geldam).

Time Stamp (1315/0998-Dravago-20-Far)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Emperor of the Waves)

The Ship(Shadow of Winter) has dropped anchor within sight distance of the ship(Emperor of the Waves). The ship(Emperor of the Waves) is clearly wrecked and taking on water, though apparently slowly. It tilts to the rear and starboard. Sailors on board ship(Shadow of Winter) openly discuss that it likely has a few days at most before the sea claims it completely.

Having been transported by unit(Captain Woogar) and a squad of race(dwarves) in a shore boat, the team(The Company) has used provided grappling hooks and ropes to make deckfall on ship(Emperor of the Waves). The shore boat waits 500 feet away for the team to signal, dropping a torch into the water, to indicate that we are ready to be retrieved. Unit (Dembe) was asked to stay behind by unit(Skakan), the latter untrusting of the unconscious survivor (and, potentially, of the dwarven crew). Units (Ariane), (Garrick), (Vardrag) and this unit boarded the ship mid-deck and began initial survey.

A quick assessment found no threats or signs of life present. The team proceeded up to the forecastle and from there, unit(Vardrag) was able to ascertain that the rear elevated section was also clear on top. The team moved back down to the main deck and opened the door to the forward cabins.
Within, a large number of spiderwebs blocks the way. After a brief discussion of the dangers of igniting a fire aboard the wooden ship, this unit agrees to enter, clearing the webbing as it goes, and taking a defensive posture in the event of danger.

Large spider = clear threat > attack spider

This unit moves in and engages, failing to land a blow. Hostile(large spider) is unable to damage this unit. Unit (Garrick) moves in and lands the first blow against the creature. This unit moves to the side of hostile(large spider), drawing its attention away from the rest of the party and attempting to flank. Hostile(large spider) turns after this unit and lunges with extreme force…

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Critical strike by hostile(large spider). Memory units attempting to back-up.
All systemmmmssfvsgbfghgfjhkjhlhkj;;kllk
Time Stamp (1550/0998-Dravago-20-Far)
DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit damage restored. Unit (Ariane) applied Oil(Repair Light Damage). Unit significantly damaged but functional.
Hostile (Large spider) terminated = threat over.
Returning to previous priority string….

Activating (infusion_designate@Repair Light Damage). This unit now functioning close to optimum.
This unit assesses area and discovers the team (The Company) has successfully dispatched hostile(large spider) and is investigating paperwork relative to the ship’s travels. These maps and papers crumble to dust as the team attempts to move them.

A hole is discovered leading to the level below, laced thick with cobwebs. This unit drops a sunrod with the hopes of ascertaining more effectively the situation with additional illumination. Unit(Ariane) drops down first after the sunrod, examining the contents of the room. Unit(Ariane) calls out, “There’s something down here! Garrick, I think it’s some of your friends!” Two orcish zombies stagger forward towards unit(Ariane).

Orcish Zombies = hostile units = immediate threat
Elevation = advantage for ranged attacks
Hostile units(zombies) + Unit(ariane) = same plane > greater threat to civilian

Unit(Ariane) fires an effective crossbow shot, but the impact seems almost not to phase hostile unit(orc zombie 1). Unit(Garrick)drops down, suffering apparent minor injuries from the fall, and is unable to progress initially. This unit is unable to drop as a result of unit(Garrick)’s position. This unit awaits clear path. Hostile unit(orc zombie 1) charges and engages unit(Ariane), landing a solid slam. Unit(Vardrag) moves around the hole beside this unit, finding an angle and firing on hostile unit(orc zombie 1), the arrow slipping through the creature with no noticeable effect. Unit(Ariane) retreats and fires, again striking unit(orc zombie 1).

Unit(Garrick) moves to the side and attempts to rebuke hostile units, which ignore his commands. This drops down into the open space made by unit(Garrick) and engages hostile unit(orc zombie 1), striking soundly, but having a diminished effect. Hostile unit(orc zombie 2) engages and slams unit(Garrick), apparently inciting the (position_designate@cleric of Vol), who again rebuked the hostile units. This time the hostile units cowered with compliance. This unit switched to its dagger, deemed more effective against this type of hostile unit, and assisted the others in dispatching hostile units(orc zombie) while said units cowered from unit(Garrick).

A search of area turns up some items(valuable): (jewelry_designate@ golden earrings); (jewelry_designate@necklace with a green amythst).
Two doors and an opening lead South out of this room. Team agrees to take Western-most egress through the opening first. This unit moves forward again, entering the next room, and quickly identifying two spiders the size of large dogs.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Medium-sized Spiders (2)
Medium-sized spiders(2) = clear threat > attack spiders

Unit(Garrick) and this unit move into the room to engage spiders. Unit(Ariane) fires a crossbow bolt which pierces deeply into hostile unit (medium spider 2). Both hostile units fail to effectively attack unit(Garrick) and this unit. Unit (Garrick) strikes and eliminates hostile unit(medium spider 2). This unit fumbles, accidentally striking unit(Garrick). Unit(Garrick) strikes hostile unit(medium spider 1); this unit also strikes hostile unit(medium spider 1); hostile unit withdraws deeper into the ship(Emperor of the Waves), climbing around a corner.

Team decides to take a minute or two to pre- and re-pair before pursuing hostile unit. This unit activates (infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: verminbane). Unit (Garrick) casts (spell_designate@divine: cure minor wounds) repeatedly on unit(Ariane) before consuming (potion_designate@ cure moderate wounds) to restore his own damage, partially caused by this unit, for which this unit feels guilt (emotional self-recrimination attached to perceived wrongdoing that has not been counterbalanced by equivalent or greater rightdoing). In the meantime, unit(Vardrag) searches the room and finds item(valuable): (jewelry_designate@crude silver bracelet).

All units prepared to proceed, unit(Ariane) moves around the corner with her crossbow, firing on and eliminating hostile unit(medium spider 1). Even as she informs the team of her success, she lets out a scream as a swarm of scurrying spiders envelops her.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Spider Swarm!
Hostile unit(swarm: spiders) = clear threat >pre-planned response(swarm)

Unit(Ariane) is engulfed and bitten repeatedly by the swarm. This unit initiates a rushed infusion(infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: swarmstrike). Unit(Garrick) grabs unit(Ariane) and pulls her back out of the swarm. This unit advances and smashes the hostile unit(swarm) as another hostile unit(swarm) appears.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers structural damage but functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

This unit smashes hostile unit(second swarm).
{Used 2 Action Points: 1st to accelerate the Swarmstrike infusion; 2nd to make sure an attack roll hit the first swarm}

Unit(Garrick) uses (item_designate@blessed bandage) to stabilize unit(Ariane) and prevent her from taking further damage. All units assess situation and determine that retreat and rest is wisest course of action. All units return to top deck and signal for pick-up by dwarven shore boat. Upon return to ship(Shadow of Winter), unit(Aubreck) is displeased by the team’s failure to return with the target(metal box), but accepts the need for refreshing and repairing. This unit activates (infusion_designate@Repair Light Damage) on itself before resting with the others for the evening.

Time Stamp (0710/0998-Dravago-21-Sar)

Again, the team(The Company) moves aboard the ship(Emperor of the Waves). This time, only unit(Ariane), unit(Garrick) and this unit return to the ship. Unit(Vardrag) engaged in drinking with unit(Captain Woogar) and both were still drinking when all rested units rose for a second exploration of ship(Emperor of the Waves). As such, unit(Vardrag) remained behind with unit(Dembe), ostensibly protecting unit(Skakan) and watching over unknown unit(rescued human).
Returning along the same path, the team moves through the area where the swarms were encountered. Overhead, a grate reveals the open air and something slithers over it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Huge Centipede
Huge centipede = clear threat >metal grate = protection; query(engage)?

Unit(Ariane) moves below the creature and shoots it quite effectively with a crossbow bolt. As hostile unit(huge centipede) crawls off, this unit takes a minute to activate (infusion_designate@personal weapon enhancement: verminbane).

Team sets out to search rooms adjacent to encounter area with hostile units(spiders). All seem to contain lots of spider webs, some standard sailing equipment (all deteriorated beyond salvage), some bunking (dressers, beds, desks)—all smashed. Nothing shows value or potential.

Moving back towards the hold, opening the next door reveals hostile unit (race_designate@half-orc) (gender_designate@male), hostile unit (medium snake), and hostile unit(swarm: spider). The hostile unit(half-orc) seems to have established what initial impressions reveal to be a shrine(Devourer) in this space.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Shrine to Devourer
Unit (Half-orc) moves >Query(moves)? = likely hostile intent> Hostile unit = Engage

The hostile unit(medium snake) crawls forward, snapping at and biting unit(Garrick). Unit(Ariane) smiles, moves slightly to get a better angle, and fires, magic arcing backwards along the path of the bolt as it strikes hostile unit(half-orc), indicating she has successfully pulled a spell from the target—this is the first time this unit has seen her use this ability. Hostile unit(half-orc) roars in ager at the violation it feels and casts (divine_spell@warp wood), trapping this unit, attempting but failing to trap unit (Garrick), and knocking unit(Ariane) to the ground. This unit breaks free from the wood entrapping it as unit(Garrick) cries out a (divine_spell@command: approach!).

Hostile unit(medium snake) continues to engage unit(Garrick) while hostile unit(half-orc) does indeed approach, having succumbed to unit(Garrick)’s directive. Unit(Ariane) again pierces the hostile unit(half-orc) with a crossbow bolt and this unit strikes hostile unit(half-orc) as it tries to pass it in his approach of unit(Garrick). The hostile unit(half-orc) falls as the hostile unit(swarm:spiders) moves to engage. Unit(Garrick) lights a torch in anticipation of the hostile unit(swarm), continuing to dodge hostile unit(medium snake).

The hostile unit(medium snake) turns its attention to this unit, potential due to this unit’s obvious assault on hostile unit(half-orc), missing. The hostile unit(swarm: spiders) climbs out, attempting to attack this unit and unable to penetrate this unit’s adamantine structure. Unit(Garrick) tosses the item(lit torch) on the ground beside this unit and engages hostile unit (medium snake) with unit(Ariane). This unit retrieves the item(lit torch) from the ground as the hostile unit(swarm: spiders) continues to seek egress into this unit’s structure.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers structural damage but functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

This unit uses item(lit torch) to bash the hostile unit(swarm:spider). Concluding this engagement, it is noted that unit(Garrick) and unit (Ariane) have succeeded in dispatching hostile unit(medium snake). Unit(Ariane) seems slightly unhappy with elimination of hostile unit(medium snake).
Query: unit(Ariane) did not show similar concern for hostile units( spiders); unit (Ariane) assigns different values to life? Storing Query.

Unit (Ariane) ties up the hostile unit(half-orc) after dealing it repeated blows to the head in an attempt to assure it remains unconscious. Unit(Ariane) indicates her intention of interrogating hostile unit(half-orc) later to discern more about the events that have occurred aboard the ship. The team strips hostile unit(half-orc) of possessions, adding all discovered to sacks of recovered treasure: (item_designate@ item list: +1 hide armor; masterwork bone shield; potion (barkskin, +2); potion(blur); potion(sanctuary); hand of the mage; scroll(gust of wind); scroll (neutralize poison); +1 cloak of resistance; 507 gp; 199 sp )

Continuing past the room(shrine to Devourer), we find another room full of corpses. Unit(Ariane) and unit(Garrick) surmise these were sacrifices that the hostile unit(half-orc) made to his deity and consumed as part of his religious rites. This unit is appalled and surprised by this behavior. This unit takes a moment to activate (infusion_designate@repair light damage) on itself, restoring itself to close to full functionality.

Deeper still into this second level of the ship, the team comes across an open trap door in the floor, again covered in thick webbing. As the webbing is cut, the ship(Emperor of the Waves) creaks and lurches, reacting to the change in structural support as the webbing breaks. The team descends into the hold below as water begins to pour into the ship, rushing around this unit’s ankles initially, but slowly rising.

Something alive lurches towards us out of the darkness.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Hold Monsters
Two undead creatures(Query? Type: unknown) lurching towards team = clear threat = engage threat

Unit(Ariane) identifies the creatures as ghouls as the first hostile unit(Ghoul 1) surges forward and strikes unit(Garrick), freezing him in place. This unit engages hostile unit(Ghoul 1), striking it with its item(Morningstar). Hostile unit(Ghoul 2) rushes in from the water and strikes this unit solidly.

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: Unit suffers critical strike for significant damage but is still functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

Unit(Ariane) fires on and strikes hostile unit(Ghoul 1), slaying it. This unit strikes hostile unit(Ghoul 2), dodges same hostile unit as unit(Ariane) drops her crossbow, and then this unit strikes a finishing blow to eliminate hostile unit(Ghoul 2).

While unit(Ariane) searches for her crossbow and unit(Garrick) begins to stretch and move again, this unit proceeds forward, seeking the target(metal box). Unit(Garrick) quickly strips remains(Ghoul 1) of a treasure(small silver bracelet) while this unit locates target(metal box) in a larger crate.
NOTE: box = chest = significant weight (35 lbs).

This unit hefts chest as unit(Ariane) comes to assist. Both units identify something relatively large under the water attacking the ship. Before unit(Ariane) can fire on unit(unidentified thing in water), this unit advises against engaging a unit attacking the ship when we have our target. Unit(Ariane) agrees and both retreat back towards the ladder up. Unit(Garrick) meanwhile also strips the remains(Ghoul 2) of treasure(gem-studded belt) and meets the team at the ladder up. At this point, the water is waist-deep and rising quickly. The others climb up first and assist this unit in getting the chest up to the next level.

All units surge forward back towards the main deck entrance, heading back through the room(shrine to the Devourer). Unit(Ariane) stops to cut the ropes tying the unconscious hostile unit(half-orc), leaving him to drown free from restraints. This unit moves slowly to keep up, carrying the additional weight of the target(metal box). As all units return to level of the main deck, the ship pitches sharply backwards, throwing all towards the back of the ship and against the interior walls of the forecastle as the front of the ship rocks up to almost 45 degrees.

As the team moves to exit the forecastle, we identify the hostile unit(huge centipede) waiting on the deck. This unit hand the target(metal box) to unit(Garrick) and moves to engage, moving slowly and holding the wall as it proceeds only 5 feet, trying to remain stable. Unit(Ariane) prepares her stolen spell(divine_spell@produce flame) that she apparently took prior to cutting the ropes on hostile unit(half-orc). This unit stands between hostile unit(huge centipede) and team. Unit(Garrick) casts (divine_spell@chill of the grave) and wounds hostile unit(huge centipede) before sliding along the railing to the back of the ship and throwing the item(torch) overboard to call the shore boat.

Hostile unit(huge centipede) engages and misses this unit while unit(Ariane) strikes it with a ball of fire and this unit strikes it with item(Morningstar).
Unit(Ariane) slides while this unit and hostile unit(huge centipede) again exchange blows. Arrows begin coming in, trying to strike the hostile unit, and the team becomes aware of the presence of unit(Vardrag) in the prow of the shore boat, trying to fire on the hostile unit(huge centipede).

Once unit(Garrick) is aboard the shore boat and unit(Ariane) begins to climb down, this unit relinquishes its weight to gravity and slides past the hostile unit(huge centipede), which misses once again. This unit climbs down as the shore boat begins to back away.

Before the shore boat can return to ship(Soul of Winter), all present watch as the remains of ship(Emperor of the Waves) are crushed by tentacles of a unit(Sea Squid) that breaks the ship in half before the pieces sink beneath the waves. The dwarves row us back to the ship(Soul of Winter) and all aboard count their blessings and hope that the unit(Sea Squid) does not turn its eye upon us. It seems to be an unwarranted concern, however, as unit(Captain Woogar) commands his crew to set sail and we are quickly underway back to city(Sharn).

Time Stamp (1520/0998-Dravago-24-Zol)
Location Stamp
(/ship_designate@Soul of Winter)
We sail back within sight of city(Sharn) and rejoice, both at the beauty of the City of Towers and at the conclusion of a truly successful contract.

Hone’s purchases and expenses over the next few days, as we get back in town:
(cash_on_hand 100 gp[Aubreck’s completion pay]; new total cash_on_hand =611.3gp)
(cash_expenditures -20 gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =591.3gp)
(cash_on_hand +904.8 gp[magic item cut]; new total cash_on_hand =1496.1gp)
(cash_expenditures -90.5 gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =1405.6gp)
(cash_on_hand +XX gp[jewelry cut]; new total cash_on_hand =(1405.6
(cash_expenditures –(XX*0.1) gp[Skakan’s 10%]; new total cash_on_hand =(1405.6+XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
(cash_expenditures –102gp[replace used items- 2 oils of light repair; 1 sunrod]; new total cash_on_hand =(1303.6+XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
(cash_expenditures –1000gp1 armor enhancement to adamantine body; takes 1 day, can be done during downtime between my working on shield]; new total cash_on_hand =(303.6XX–[XX*0.1])gp)
{assuming 1 day for enchantment & a days’ worth of work means 23 crafting days remaining on shield}

Time Stamp (1930/0998-Dravago-25-Wir)

End Transcript

Shut in Dromdal Manor
Vardrag POV

Main Points:
-Joined adventuring company
-Agreed to protect family
-Investigated house
-Gardakan dies
-Defeated Peck & Lady Auraluna Dromdal

Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram
Vardrag Duumfel
Ariane Xiphus

My arrival in this city has brought much needed work. It took only a few days before a goblin offered me a deal. I’d have to follow him to meet a group that I would be working with. I did of course and listened to them squabble. They were overly concerned with talking and after twenty minutes we were given our task.

We were to defend a small mansion in this cities noble district. The owner in particular and her guests. Lady something or another was a crippled old woman about as wealthy as I’d expect. Her daughter, Butler, and dog all acted strangely.

That first night I stood guard outside and heard some noises coming from inside. I was pretty sure that one of the other guards were. . . taking care of the daughters needs. Then again maybe it was a warforged and the dog. I can never tell with those chunks of metal.

A day or two later our employer held a small party. While the guests were distracted I searched the butler’s room. The room was a mess but held the names of many aristocrats, nobles, and rich merchants all written on papers. With a killer out in town slicing just such people up I copied a few names down and showed the others. No one recognized them as any of the victims.

The fourth day came and we searched the mansion. We noticed blood on the floor near the elevator and we looked inside only to find a cave of all things. After a forty five minute discussion we alerted the cripple and entered the cave. It was here we found our true task.

The mage got eatin.

We battled this creature for a minute and slew it with sword and arrow. Nearby a few stone faces were growing out of the wall. Our shapeshifter asked if they had seen the butler or the cripple. They screamed in terror at the sight of our employer. Thus we headed back upstairs to check on everything.

I cannot protect my task against an entire cities guard. That said I wouldn’t care to turn her in either. It simply isn’t my job to. When she fired a spell in my direction though she broke our contract. Dumb witch.

I ducked behind a wall and leaned out to loose an arrow. It struck true right in her companion. Not my best shot but at least it hit its mark. Her companion looked oddly similar to what the slicer had been described as. Hello bounty! Tough bastard didn’t want to go down but with much help we managed to drop him. The cripple surrendered.

Total haul? 243gp and 2sp

Welcome to the Rumble in the Jungle
Masakan POV

Main Points:
-Accepted mission into King’s Forest
-Met Melvin Oakley
-Encountered Jungle Boys
-Retrieve Item needed to cure illness

Garrick Hintram

We finally go back from our last mission….turns out that Khyber Dragonshard was worth more then i thought. I still didn’t appreciate what hone did, and am worried how this is going to bite us later, but whats done is done. On the plus side it means i got some free time now that i basically get a free pass from my goblin studies.

As I was walking along the streets of Sharn a kid was passing out newspapers, i decided to be a good sport and give him a full gold coin, sovereigns knows he needs it more then I do. Apparently a guy named the swan street slicer has been causing trouble in the richer areas of sharn, price for being rich i suppose.
Not everyone likes those that are successful.

A few hours later i got a message from hone, told me it was urgent and to get there as quickly as I could. Apparently a young adult got hit with a horrible disease his old man contracted during the last war. He managed to get himself cured of it, but his wife and son contracted it likely from his clothing.
The wife was already dead, and the son only had a week he couldn’t bear to see his son go too. Eventually we all agreed to help, knowing we would get relatively little out of it.

I couldn’t exactly have a dead kid on my conscious if there was something i knew i could do about it. We set off to kings forest to look for a wooding jaguar and its liver.

Once we made our way there we were met with a blockade, telling us to wait until the jungle bois were taken care of. I didn’t know who they were but naturally we simply didn’t have the time to wait and eventually found a way around. Following a sacked caravan, an annoying little twerp we didn’t have time to waste on, and a bunch of stick monsters. We thought things were going smoothly until we ran into thejungle bois themselves, they told us to surrender.
Naturally the other 2 were ready to fight, but considering we were basically outnumbered 8-1 they reluctantly decided to oblige them.

I was already trying to think of a way out when suddenly sounds of fighting filled the air, the same guys that blocked our way in came in and saved us. Told us to look for our things and tried to kill their leader. We were in a pretty tight situation, stuck with weapons we weren’t remotely familiar with, and kind of in an outnumbered spot. but we really didn’t have much of a choice. Could a few painful arrows to the back, almost being pummeled by an orc, and having my 2 companions being knocked out, we somehow lasted long enough for the guys who saved us to come in and help again. On a side note, during that chaos and literally shaking hands with death…something just clicked inside me it was a weird feeling and honestly i didn’t have time to sort it out, i had to keep fighting.

On one hand they were pissed that we undermined them…on the other hand if we didn’t they never would have found their target. So after exchanging some pleasantries, thanking them for helping us out, they sent us on our way to find the woodling jaguar while they cleaned up the rest of the jungle bois.
And we finally found what we were looking for…which turned out to be more annoying then anything compared to what we just went through. As well as this crazy druid whom if he was remotely serious could have wiped us in an instant. Thankfully he was batshit insane so he didn’t bother us THAT much.

All i remember him saying was “Beware the gold” or something like that….ANYWAY job well done the guy is saved, and then a goblin comes at us with a proposal to make an adventurers guild. I decided to let the other 2 handle the details i needed to try something at the academy.

3 hours later:…..HAHAHAHA! I don’t know what happened! maybe being in multiple life threatening situations unlocked something. But i finally figured out how to use magic…and i suddenly feel a lot more confident. Lets just hope it doesnt end up making me arrogant.
Oh man i can’t wait to tell the others.

Death in Darguun
Hone POV

Main Points:
-Traveled to Darguun
-Found ancient ruins
-Defeated Blue and returned with Dragonshard

Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram
Ariane Xiphus

Time Stamp (1120/0998-Eyre-19-Zor)
{9 days since our last adventure}
{5.5wks x7dys/wk=38.5dys – 9dys =29.5 crafting days remaining on shield}
Location Stamp(/tavern_designate@The Red Hammer)

This unit receives summons through House Sivis messenger to meet unit(Masakan) about potential employment at (tavern_designate@Broken Anvil).All units of (team_designate@name: unknown) receive similar summons, apparently, except unit(Valynthe). QUERY: Unknown if unit (Valynthe) did not receive summons or did not respond.

Unit(Masakan) explains that his professor, a (race_designate@hobgoblin) who specializes in ancient Dakaani artifacts, has learned of a new discovery in (country_designate@Darguun) (city_designate@Rhukaan Draal). Unit(Masakan) offers to employ us to escort him to city(Rhukaan Draal) to explore this new discovery, where there will be “many riches” as well as the potential to establish contacts at (school_designate@University of Morgrave). This unit is interested in establishing such contacts as well as in seeing the rest of continent(Khorvaire) and agrees to escort unit (Masakan). Others present do as well.
Unit(Gardakan) reveals that he hired unit(Ariane) to replace him temporarily—that he did not intent to deceive us, but had sworn unit(Ariane) to secrecy in the matter and had “personal House matters that needed to be addressed discretely and that’s all I’ll say for now.”

Further discussion reveals that a recent basement collapse has revealed the entrance to a previously undiscovered goblin tomb or crypt. Unit(Masakan)’s professor wishes (team_designate@name:unknown) to enter city(Rhukaan Draal), make contact with a known (race_designate@warforged), explore the tomb, and ex-filtrate as quickly as possible. All expenses in both directions, via first Orion Rail and the via Wagon Trails, is pre-paid by unit(Masakan)’s professor.

As arrangements are made to meet at (ward_designate@Lower Tavick’s Landing) (district_designate@Terminus) (building_designate@Terminus Station) to take the Orion Lightning Rail, unit(Masakan) insists that all units follow him to his sleeping quarters, where we discover he has crafted/purchased/acquired large quantities of alchemical goods. Unit(Masakan) expresses the desire that all units carry his supplies. This unit and unit(Garrick) express inability to carry more without becoming encumbered. All units agree to carry (item_designate@Blessed Bandage). This unit, after some discussion, concurs to carry two vials(item_designate@Aboleth Mucus) as it is toxic to other team members. Others agree to carry what they can or what they desire to; all units disperse to meet at station.

Time Stamp (1340/0998-Eyre-23-Mol)
{4 days since our leaving Sharn}
Location Stamp(/country_designate@Darguun) (city_designate@Rhuukan Draal) (/district_designate@human slums)

After an uneventful trip that takes the team through (city_designate@Starilaskur) in eastern country(Breland) and then down to (city_designate@Sterngate) where we joined the wagon trail to city (Rhuukan Draal), the team arrives and quickly finds its way to the (district_designate@human slums).
While there are several interesting sites within view, including the (fortress_designate@The Red Keep), the team maintains focus and proceeds to assigned meeting location: a bridge in this district. A large parade nearby includes horns and drums and seems to be celebrating (holiday_designate@Goblin Independence Day).

On the bridge, a warforged appears. It self-identifies as (name_designate@Chopper) and is to provide us with the location of the abandoned temple where the excavation was discovered. Unit(Content Not Found: chopper) tells us the temple site is abandoned and encourages us to quickly seek her out at a specified mill after we finish at the church for ex-filtration, as there are those in Darguun known to take slaves of unattended humans. The team proceeds to the designated location with haste.

Location Stamp (city_designate@Rhuukan Draal) (/building_designate@abandoned temple)

The abandoned temple is a former (faith_designate@Silver Flame) temple that was torn down and defiled after the rise of the goblinoid government. Its walls are marked with graffiti and smeared with filth. The doors are not secured. The team enters, and, in the main hall, discovers a hole in the ground with a steel spike driven next to it.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Attack by (name_designate@The Screeching Skull)

Armed skeleton = hostile unit <engage><push><engage><hostile><identify>< move to engage

Unit (Mazakan) throws an item(item_designate@Dust Eggshell Grenade) at unit(guard_1), blinding him. Unit(Kivilax) activates a power(psionic_power@name:unknown) and engages unit(guard_2). Hostile unit(Melee) is a (race_designate@changling) and morphs into unit(Chopper), saying “So you all finally got here, hunh?”

From the dark area of the room, a sling stone whizzes past this unit, missing only slightly. A large burst of rainbow colors indicates an area in which unit(Gardakan) has issued a spell(arcane_spell@Color Spray), disabling one of the hostile units. Unit(Ariane) fires a (item_designate@Flaming Bolt) at the hostile unit(changeling), striking and eliminating that target. This unit surges to the back of the room, locates the hostile(caster), pins said caster to the wall, and strikes hostile(caster) with its morningstar. Unit(Kivilax) delivers a coup de grace to a downed hostile unit(guard_2).

Unit(Gardakan) successfully employs (item_designate@ Wand of Daze) to stun hostile unit(guard_1) as unit(Astral Construct) deals hostile unit(guard_1) another blow. Unit(Garrick) moves in to deliver a destroying blow to unit(guard_1) while this unit lands a similar blow, disabling the unit(caster), dropping him.

Unit(Ariane) and unit(Kivilax) begin discussion about dragonshard.

This unit recognizes unit(Kivilax) as a shifted unit:
Unit(Kivilax) = hostile;amended: unit(Kivilax) = ally versus common threat
Unit(Kivilax) threatened hostilities following elimination of common threat
Common threat eliminated < unit(Kivilax) = hostile unit

This unit moves and engages unit(Kivilax), striking two solid blows against the hostile unit. Unit(Kivilax) dodges a third blow as it activates a psionic power….

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: This unit sustains severe internal processing damage. Adamantine body mitigates NONE of the damage.
This unit takes 6 points of structural damage; this unit is still functional.
Returning to previous priority string….

Unit(Mazakan) screams, “What are you doing, Hone?” Unit(Ariane) attempts to order this unit to cease actions. Unit(Ariane) is not this unit’s commander; orders are ignored. This unit is unclear how team does not remember previous threats leveled by unit(Kivilax)—perhaps processing damage during battle? Return to priority string…Unit(Garrick) steps behind unit(Kivilax) and strikes true, dropping unit(Kivilax).

Unit(Ariane) moves behind unit(Garrick) and takes a hostile action, attacking unit(Garrick)with her sap. As unit(Garrick) turns to respond, unit(Mazakan) takes the dragonshard from the altar and the walls start to shake.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Betrayal by unit(Ariane)
EVENT_TRIGGER: Collapse Imminent

Unit(Ariane) attacked unit(Garrick)<unit(garrick)><unit(ariane)> Elimination of hostile unit
(Similar to logic regarding recovery of unit(Kivilax))

This unit hands unit(Kivilax) to unit(Garrick) to carry and retrieves the inert form of hostile unit(Ariane). This unit checks to make sure hostile unit is indeed damaged and not pretending, then hefts hostile unit(Ariane) and seeks to move forward again.

Another series of quakes starts causing more tiles to collapse. As the correct path is about to collapse, unit(Gardakan) steps forward and his dragonmark begins to glow, knitting the pieces of the safe path back together long enough for this unit and unit (Garrick) to finish crossing.

In the tunnel beyond, unit(Gardakan) stops this unit to attend to hostile unit(Ariane). Unit(Mazakan) cries out from the room by the skeleton sarcophagi, “There’s no way out! We’re all going to die! This just leads back to the room with waterslides!”

Unit(Garrick) looks down the darkened hallway that has not been explored and, with unit(Kivilax) over his shoulder, starts running that way, “Follow me!”

This unit questions unit(Garrick): “Is unit(Garrick) aware of an exit in this direction?”

To which unit(Garrick) replies, “No, but there isn’t one in the other direction…”

This logic is not flawed. This unit and unit(Gardakan) follow unit(Garrick) and unit(Mazakan) be heard running back to catch up with us from behind.

EVENT_TRIGGER: Water Tunnel Exit

Unit(Garrick) has located an exit: a tunnel in a pool leads out, based on the flow of the water. Chucks of debris are now regularly falling from the ceiling. Unit(Garrick) believes that there is clearance to breathe the whole way out, though there isn’t a clear indication of where the passage leads. Unit(Garrick) takes unit(Kivilax) and makes the swim outward, followed closely by unit(Gardakan), who flounders for a moment in the current before getting his bearings and swimming out. This unit climbs in the water, sinks as anticipated, and attempts to keep unit(Ariane) above water.
{Action_Point_Reserve depletion -1; remaining Action_Point_Reserve = 2/5}

Unit(Masakan) catches up with us in the water room and sees this unit struggling to maintain verticality with unit(Ariane). Unit(Masakan) takes unit(Ariane) and swims out, this unit walking along the bottom behind and trying to keep pace, pushing up whenever a unit(swimmer) drops low enough for this unit to give it a boost.

All units exit into the river. Quick assessment indicates an exit point downriver from the bridge where team originally met unit(name_designate@NOT Chopper). Unit (Gardakan)checks status of unit(Ariane) while unit(Garrick) checks status of unit(Kivilax).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Unit(Garrick) armed & aggressive posture

Unit(Garrick) seeks to move against hostile unit(Ariane) for attack in dragonshard room. This unit stands by. Unit(Masakan) argues against destruction of unit(Ariane); unit(Gardakan) likewise pleads for patience and lenience for his employee. This unit supports temporary dismissal of resolution until successful ex-filtration from country(Darguun). All units agree to temporary cessation of hostilities.

All units retreat to Rest House of Ghallandra, same as previous evening’s reststop. A room is secured for unit(Kivilax), who has stabilized via autohypnosis. Unit(Garrick) assesses his condition as stable but unconscious for 24 to 48 hours if subject to natural healing rates. Payment is made for unit(Kivilax)’s room for two days and the party rests one evening, leaving the next morning for Sharn.

Time Stamp (0810/0998-Dravago-01-Sul)
{4 days back to Sharn}
Location Stamp (city_designate@Sharn)

While the ride back to city(Sharn) is uneventful, this unit shows no trust for hostile unit(Ariane) and chooses to never present its backside to said unit for fear of betrayal as already demonstrated by previous actions. The ride back to city(Sharn) is quiet and all units seem more interested in resolving internal thought strings than in conversation.

Returning to country(Breland)(city_designate@Sharn), a small compensation is resolved from the masterwork gear of the Karnnathi skeleton. All units agree to meet up once unit(Marsakan) has presented (item_designate@dragonshard) to his professor and received whatever compensation professor grants to team.

This unit heads back to (district_designate@Blackbones) to check in with its fellow warforged and return to work on its (item_designate@Gauntlet shield).
{~30 crafting days remaining on shield}
End Transcript


Forgotten Forge Pt 2
Masakan POV

Main Points:
-Met Skakan
-Defeated Saber and retrieved schema

Garrick Hintram
Ariane Xiphus

Log #1 I’m still shaken after the events that took place the other day, even as I write i can barely hold my pen in my hands. And to think it all went so smoothly beforehand too. As we agreed on we met near the lower quarter, and made our way to the sewers. We got lost along the way and had to ask a goblin for directions while finding out Val’s…Questionable taste in food. Gardakan almost threw up and i simply laughed it off.

We finally found our way to the sewers when we were ambushed by another warforged and 2 changelings. I was wondering why they were working with him, but i didn’t have time to think, they were eventually dispatched with only garrick being seriously injured. We eventually found a doorway leading us to where we needed to be, but it was locked and we had no way of disabling the trap. It was then that we found out that Gardakan was never really there, but rather a changeling named ariane with very questionable morals that was playing the part of my friend, everyone else was taken a back but i was just confused. After she assured us gardakan was fine i didn’t give it much more thought as she was the only one who could open the door.

The door lead into a very bleak cavern, with next to no light at all. As we walked in we were swarmed by a mass of beetles, but they were scared off after we shooed them away with fire. We were still very exhausted from the fight before as well as trying to open the sealed door. So we decided to take refuge in a abandoned building with hone keeping watch.
We awoke to the sound of scurrying and our new companion, found 2 acid drooling giant rats. She managed to take out one of them in a single shot, and the other took HER out in a single shot knocking her out. I quickly dispatched the other one and Val helped her back on her feet. Eventually we found what we were looking for a big building that had the artifact we were after inside. but as we got in 2 dog like warforged were waiting for us…it was a hard fight but we eventually won out. and our reward was not only the artifact we found but a multitude of other things we could sell off for more gold.

We thought it was all said and done all that was left was to head back…..and then HE appeared. A fiery arrow came as if from nowhere and almost took out val. Yes.I will never for get his name….Saber. I made my way up to confront him. and we traded blows for a while. But as I was fighting something felt different about this one. I honestly thought he was just an egotistical warforged not much different from the others we fought, but i couldn’t have been more wrong.

While the first 2 we fought were of no significant threat, this one was in a class of his own. I say that because despite me recently having an ax embedded in my shoulder, I could tell the one that night just lucked out. This one however, seemed as if he wasn’t even really trying, and eventually fended us off like it was no big deal. This was on top of the fact that we just got out of a really hard fight, and honestly were in no real condition to take him on. I tried to plead to everyone to fall back, that fighting him was only gonna make him mad, and I wasn’t wrong. He was taking us all on like it was nothing, we probably could have fared better if our clerics had any spells left but they were all spent and we were basically running on empty.

At that point my mind was racing, I wanted to run but I couldn’t just leave them behind. At that point the only thing that i was thinking of was how to get as many of them out as i could, all the while wondering how can they choose to fight him in the condition we were in. It didn’t make sense. I honestly thought he was gonna wipe us out…but to my surprise Hone actually managed to land a decent enough blow to slow him down, which allowed everyone else to finish him off. I was stunned both in fear of how strong he was and how they actually managed to beat him

I wanted to explain myself, but the words just wouldn’t come out…I fear it would have sounded like nothing but excuses anyway. I am however grateful that they still saw fit to give me my fair share, Honestly i wouldn’t have been surprised if they just had me walk away with nothing.

Log 2: I decided to talk to one of my teachers, someone I consider a friend and I always consult her on things such as this. She goes by the name of alexandria and is a veteran Human warrior that fought in the last war. She’s had a rough past, and I’m one of the few people she has told. But as a result it’s made her very down to earth, despite her only being 2 years older then me.

I told her about what happened that day, And after she hugged me to comfort me….she then proceeded to slap me in the face. I was telling her that he told us that if we gave him the artifact he would have let us go. I was convinced we could have just gotten it back from him at a later date. But she went on to tell me that even if we did give him what he wanted, there was no certainty that he would have let you go like he said he would have. He might have just killed us anyway after he got what he came for. I was so panicked at the time that i didn’t even think about that possibility. “Sometimes you only get one chance” She said. " There is nothing wrong with taking the safe route, but you should know that if you do don’t always assume the other path will be open for you"

I told her that i was never a gambler, that i never enjoyed taking chances or risks if i didn’t feel it was worth it, But she then told me that life was more like blackjacks then a slot machine. I never quite understood that, but if that’s the case it would explain why she loved to bet on that game.
But end of the day she told me not to worry, Humanoids are naturally cautious, the trick is to cultivate your courage. But that there is a fine line between courage and recklessness, and to never confuse the 2.

Courage is going in despite fear, Recklessness is ignoring fear entirely. And told me that i showed courage that night. I was confused by what she meant.
Apparently It would have been REAL easy for me to just run off entirely, but i didn’t because i was too concerned about everyone else’s safety, despite them not entirely understanding that. But I still needed to refine it and there are 2 ways of doing it.

Either dismissing fear and choosing to recognize only danger and analyze it with logic, or conquer your fear…and make it the source of your strength.
Don’t let fear control you, don’t let terror exist within you. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be sorry, Be better.

…Alex always did know how to get to me.

Log 3…I’ve been Slaving away in the alchemy lab for the past few days now. Using the money I got from our last venture to good use. I’ve honestly only stopped to eat, sleep and bathe. I’m determined to make sure what happened that night never happened again, but i need to make sure I’m prepared
Making what i can and what i can’t I get through various connections I made over the years. I might be overdoing it, but I don’t care. I just wa……My goblin studies teacher just asked me to meet him in his room when i can…I wonder what he wants?

Forgotten Forge Pt 1
Hone POV

Main Points:
-PCs escaped burning building
-Met the Duke of Justice
-Found dead body on bridge
-Defeated Killer
-Received initial job from Elaydren d’Vown
Content Not Found: valenthye
Gardakan d’Cannith
Garrick Hintram

Hone’s Log
Internal Memory Storage

(Game Session 1: Saturday, 16 July 2016)

File/New File…
New File (designate_team)(designate_name@unknown)

Time Stamp (2000/1000-X(m)-Y(#)-Z(day))

Location Stamp(continent_designate@Khorvaire/country_designate@Breland/ city_designate@Sharn/ quarter_designate@Dura/ward_designate@Middle Dura/district_designate@Hareth’s Folly)

This unit was unsuccessful in seeking materials for crafting or potential employment in (district_designate@Bazaar) market in (ward_designate@Middle Dura). Information was acquired regarding unusual architecture in (district_designate@Hareth’s Folly), close to unit’s current location. This unit went to examine architecture for visual storage and potential analysis. Cadets (incomplete units) perform chaotic drills in the streets and there is much humanoid laughter. District(Hareth’s Folly) seems to be a nice place. Storing (district_designate@Hareth’s Folly/assessment = cordial).

EVENT_TRIGGER: Tavern Explosion

This unit identifies burning building, apparently a tavern, its entrance blocked by fire.

Burning building = Building being destroyed by fire = destruction of property = loss of resources <eliminate><examine><respond>< initating defensive countermeasures

This unit observes a single hostile unit (race_designate@warforged) with axe in hand. Unit(Masakan) asks if this is related to fire at the tavern as hostile unit throws axe. This unit observes axe strike critical point in unit(Masakan)’s structure, embedding itself deeply into his shoulder. This unit is surprised, both at the damage inflicted and at unit(Masakan)’s ability to endure it: unit seems to still be functional.

This unit activates (infusion_designate@Shield of Faith: Hone) to improve damage resistance and moves to face hostile unit(warforged). This unit states, “Destruction of flesh-borne units in non-effective use of city resources and is rejected as course of action,” placing itself and its longspear between hostile unit and team(name:unknown). Unit(Garrick) casts a spell (spell_designate@unknown: not identified). Hostile unit (warforged) attacks with a sling—results of attack unobserved. Hostile unit damaged. Hostile unit attempts to close with team(name:unknown). This unit intervenes, striking hostile unit and deactivating it.
(team_designate@City Watch) arrives. This is a different team than the one encountered outside burned tavern. Head of team(City Watch) identified as (name_designate@Sergeant Dolom) (race_designate@dwarf) (gender_designate@male). (team_designate@City Watch) order units present to drop weapons and cease hostilities. This unit complies. Unit(Gardakan), returning while attack was occurring, speaks with unit(Sergeant Dolom) and explains discovery of remains (Bonel Glendem) and subsequent attack by hostile unit(warforged).

Unit(Sergeant Dolom) sends all units present on our way and impounds hostile unit.

Location Stamp(quarter_designate@Menthis/ward_designate@Middle Menthis/district_designate@Smoky Towers /tavern_designate@Starfire Dragon Inn)

All units present of team(name:unknown) in current establishment. Establishment is run by (house_designate@Ghallandra) and the place is full of (race_designate@halfling). NOTE_TRIGGER: size is not indicative of cadet status.

Team(name:unknown)is approached by unknown unit (race_designate@human) (gender_designate@female). Unit is wearing blue cloak and silver jewelry. Unit self-identifies as (name_designate@ Lady Eladrin D’Cannith) (house_designate@Cannith), and unit wishes to discuss encounter with remains(Bonel Glendem). After being provided an explanation of what transpired, unit (Lady Eladrin) indicates employment opportunity. Remains (Bonel) and unit (Lady Eladrin) were seeking a relic of (house_designate@Cannith). Unit (Bonel) had located the foundry where the relic was believed to be deep below (tower_designate@Dorashun), 57 levels below the sewers. Relic identified as “7-pointed adamantine plate the size of a fist.” Unit(Lady Eladrin) offers team(name:unknown)1500 gold sovereigns for the return of the relic. Unit(Lady Eladrin) provides following advice:
Bring light source (torches)
Provides a map of the sewers
Team(name:unknown)agrees to take on task. After some discussion, units decide to break into squads in the morning to pursue two pre-tasks. This unit is assigned to (squad_designate@visit inspector) with unit(Garrick) and unit(Masakan). After pre-tasks are completed team(name:unknown) agree to regroup at tavern(Starfire Dragon Inn) to begin expedition to locate Cannith relic.

Unit(Valynthe) offers all units a place to stay, but all seem to have independent domiciles. After the other units go their way, this unit heads back down.

Location Stamp (quarter_designate@The Cogs/ward_designate@Upper Cogs/district_designate@Blackbones)

This unit returns to the only regular concentration of warforged in Sharn, stopping first to inform (name_designate@Smith) at (shrine_designate@Pool of Onatar’s Tears) that the expedition for materials was unsuccessful but that potential for employment still exists.

Afterwards, with little else to do, this unit applies (infusion_designate@repair light damage: Hone), all damage caused by glass shrapnel successfully repaired. With no scheduled activities, this unit reports to (tavern_name@The Red Hammer) to rest and recuperate amongst other warforged.

Time Stamp (1030/1000-X(m)-Y(#)-Z(day+1))

(squad_designate@visit Inspector) meets at the office of (name_designate@Vincent St. Damien). (position_designate@City Inspector) receives our squad in his office. He informs us that the owner of the tavern that burned was in debt. This unit is inattentive once it is determined cause of fire is unrelated to pending task at hand. Unit(Garrick) and unit(Masakan) hold a conversation with the position(City Inspector), also learning the whereabouts of the pre-ambulatory unit that Unit(Valynthe) was unwilling to surrender. It was assigned to a housing unit where care could be provided until proper maturation.
Later, squad(visit Inspector) met up with (squad_designate@more questions for Eladrin). Unit(Valynthe) and unit(Gardakan) learned that we are searching for a cluster #213 from Unit(Lady Eladrin). With this information and readied gear, team(name:unknown) proceeds to head towards the sewers beneath tower(Dorashun).

End Transcript


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