Tag: Employer


  • Elaydren d'Vown

    Serves Cannith South (based in Sharn and oversees House Cannith activity in the nations of [[Breland | Breland]], Zilargo, and [[Darguun | Darguun]]) which is run by Baron Merrix d’Cannith. Lady Elaydren contracted our heroes on their very first mission …

  • Skakan

    Skakan was a sewer-dweller operating a cheap market for the poorest of the city's poor. He helped direct the party to Valve Cluster E-213. However his involment with the party did not stop there. After hearing about the party's exploits in Darguun through …

  • Rupert Beasant

    Old Man who worked in the cogs. His family contracted a terrible illness so he asked the party to retrieve and ingredient needed for the cure in the King's Forest.

  • Aubreck Drallion

    The merchant prince Aubreck Drallion once stood among the city's richest men. His ships Sailed the sea, daring pirate raids, aquatic monsters, and storm tossed oceans to carry goods across the world. Aubreck's trade fleet was among the …