Sergeant Dolom Windrune

This gruff dwarf with blue eyes and a facial scar


Aliases: The Iron Dwarf
Race: Dwarf
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 862
Age: 136
Affiliation: City Watch
Occupation: Sergeant
Known Allies:
Known Enemies:
Status: Alive
First Encountered: Session 1, Sharn
Last Known Location: Session 1, Sharn


Takes his job as a Sharn City Watchman very seriously. Likes to see justice served in the City of Towers, but isn’t a very good detective. Tends to quickly accept things at face value in a “what you see is what you get” sort of way. Sergeant with the Sharn City Watch. Most commonly found commanding a patrol during nightshift in the University District, Upper Menthis Plateau Ward. This places him under the command of the City Watch’s Warden Towers garrison.
When he started as a City Watchman, he was originally assigned to the Sword Point garrison responsible for maintaining order throughout the Central Plateau and Northedge. He earned a promotion to sergeant and the nickname the “Iron Dwarf” after busting up a smuggling operation in the Grayfloods waterfront district. Accepting the promotion required he transfered to the Warden Towers garrison, which had a need for more sergeants.

Sergeant Dolom Windrune

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