The skin of the man rips open with ease and what emerges is the largest cockroach you have ever seen!


Aliases: The Crawling Lord
Race: Roach Thrall
Birthplace: Sharn
Date of Birth: 997
Age: 1
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Children of Winter
Occupation: Cult-leader
Known Allies:
Known Enemies: Breland
First Encountered: Sharn
Last Known Location: Sharn


Siz’xak recently hatched in the body of a local adept who had managed to claim a small
following of beggars. The adept called himself the Crawling Lord before he was destroyed by the Roach Thrall Siz’xak, he has continued “his” work after becoming nothing more than a puppet for Siz’xak. Siz’xak has been using the adept’s cult to bring in new hosts for more roach thralls in order to create a vast swarm of cockroaches to level the city. The party killed him when searching for a little girl.


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