In-game insults and swears

“Chattering doesn’t roll the barrel.” Shut up and get to work, in other words.

“Dirty hands stroke a white beard.” As you get older, you may have to compromise your youthful ideals. More generally used to mean sometimes you have to compromise.

“Have two strings for your bow.” An expression of caution and preparation.

“Without wine there is no conversation.” Beyond its obvious meaning, the phrase is spoken as a request for or promise of hospitality.

“Brightness be!” An expression of surprise.

“Aundair dares! Aundair dares!” A warcry and taunt popu- lar among Aundairian soldiers during the Last War


“Ogre’s eyes!” An expletive, similar to “drat!”

“Dagger take you.” An expression of annoyance or anger,
referring to the fast-moving currents of the Dagger River which quickly wash away whatever falls in it.

“Tower spit!” An expression of discontent or an indication of nonsense, similar to
hogwash. It refers to the spray that falls from the towers of Sharn during and immediately after it rains.


“You can break a single arrow, but not ten in a bunch.” Used to express how Karrns prefer to work together, find- ing strength in numbers. It’s also a subtle reminder to conform to the direction the other “arrows” (fellow
citizens) are taking.

“While the wolf drinks,the dog looks on.”A Karrnathi way
of saying “rank has its privileges.”

“Edible birds don’t live long.” A Karrnathi warning not
to make yourself a tempting target to your rivals; a way of saying “put your guard up.”

“There’s more to good ale than a silver flagon.” A Karr- nathi proverb expressing a preference for substance over style.

“Blunted!” An expression of dismay or failure.

“KhootKarrnath!”A battle cheer common among rank-and-file Karrn troopers. The “oo” sounds are often drawn out into a howling wail.


“Crooked!” An expletive, similar to “drat!”

“Flame forgive me.” An expression usually preceding
or following a nasty curse or insult.

“What filth!” An expression of discontent or an
indication of nonsense, similar to “hogwash!”

*Shifters *

“Silvered” Shifters seldom use this word literally and
more often use it to indicate a person, weapon, place,
or thing that has been designed to take advantage of
another’s weaknesses.

“The Journey Yet to Come” Any unforeseen incident,
the future, or more commonly, a shifter’s destiny.

“Grasping the Moons” This phrase, growing less and
less common in its usage, simply means “shifting.


“Dis” A shortened way of saying “dispel magic,” this
word indicates that a spellcaster should dispel the
magic on an indicated friend, foe, object, or area. The
type of dispelling or negating magic is unimportant.
A warforged uses “dis” for everything from dispel magic
to remove fear. The command leaves it to the spellcaster
to determine the spell needed to negate the effect.

“Ground” This brief command is usually shouted by
a member of a unit when ranged attack is imminent.
Warforged understand it to mean that they should
take cover if possible or simply lie prone if cover
is unavailable.

“Points north” This command indicates that soldiers
should aim ranged attacks or spells at an indicated
enemy commander.

“Points south” This command indicates that soldiers
should aim their ranged attacks or offensive spells at
an indicated spellcaster.

“Repair” Although often shouted like a command,
this word is really a request for aid. Once used only
when a warforged was in danger of being destroyed
by damage, it indicates the need for repairing magic
and for another soldier to take the warforged’s place
in the fight.

“Rush” This word means “attack” and is usually fol-
lowed by a single-word descriptor, such as “north”
for an indicated enemy commander or “south” for
an indicated spellcaster. This command does not
necessarily indicate a charge, only what the focus of
a unit’s or soldier’s melee attacks should be. Thus, a
warforged in an adventuring party fighting a spell-
caster with a charmed ogre minion might call to the
fighter, “Rush ogre,” while to the others he says, “Points
rush south!”

“Scarce” Usually whispered, this command indicates
that soldiers should immediately hide.

General Swears

“7 hells”

“If I were to speak your name, it would blister my tongue!”

“Stand and face us you pig, you cur!”

“You reek of dung and fouled ale!”

“Your very existence is an insult to all!”

“You snot-faced hoglout!”

“You orc-faced moron!”

“You look like the armpit of an unshaven bog hag!”

“You look like the offspring of a vulture and a rat!”

“You smell like an ogre’s belch!”

“You are maggot pie served out of a dwarf’s codpiece!”

“You look like a scab on a troll’s wart!”

“A goblin with one hand nailed to a tree would be more of a threat than you!”

“Your mother was yeti and your father was a dung farmer!”

(to a woman) “Be gone, you limp-chested harpy!”

(to a woman) “Your hair is a patch of weeds and your face, a dog’s arse!”

(to a man) “I’ve seen little girls that are more of a man than you are!”

(to a man) “Mess with me, and I’ll send you crying to your mommy!”

(to a dwarf) “You have more beard than wit, and more stench than beard!”

(to an elf) “You must have been born in a stupid-tree, fell, and hit every branch on the way down!”

(to an elf) “You look like a floppy-eared twig!”

(to an elf/eladrin) “Corellon is a jester for the real gods, and Sehanine is their whore!”

(to an eladrin) “Why don’t you teleport yourself into a cow’s arse!”

(to a tielfling) “You look like a cross-eyed goat that was spat out of the Nine Hells!”

(to a tielfling) “Come here, so I can slap you with your own tail!”

(to a tiefling) “I bet you trip over that tail every time you walk down some stairs!”

(to a dragonborn) “Is that the best you’ve got, lizard-breath?”

(to a half-elf) “I should expect as much from a half-breed!”

(to a halfling) “I’d fight you if I could find a stool for you to stand on!”

(to a halfling) “Go drown in your river, you measly little rat!”

(to a monster) “Things that crawl in the mud are worth as much as the dung they sleep in!”

(to a monster) “You’re going to regret slithering out of whatever filth-hole you came from!”

(to a foe from another plane) “I’m going to give you a very brief and violent welcome to my world!”

(to a fighter) “You wield a sword like a dwarf trying to juggle a fish!”

(to a wizard/warlock/sorcerer) “Your magic is about as potent as a bee trying to sting boulder!”

(to a ranger) “You butter-fingered beast-lover, you couldn’t hit a castle from two feet away!”

(to a cleric/paladin) “You thick-headed puppet, I’ll strangle you with that chain around your neck!”

(to a warlord) “You are like a mangy dog, leading a pack of mongrels!”

(to a rogue) “You and your wimpy little knife should have stayed in hiding!”

(to a bard) “Your tunes are like the sound of a dying goat!”

(to a barbarian) “Why don’t you chop your own head off, you rabies-brained ogre!”

you nug humping bastard!

Kyhber’s great flaming ass!




In-game insults and swears

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